Caught on the Streets of Monterrey

Caught on the Streets of Monterrey
Watching...always Watching!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

His Next Package Arrives, And a Hard Week, but You Wouldn't Know It

Here's this weeks email. Not long. Never are but he got our package full of crystal light packages and tootsie rolls he loved it. This package I sent a different way.  I have usually sent them priority which is quite expensive but I know they will almost always get there.  The lady at the counter said that I could save so much money if I packed my own box, so this time I took her advice.  This one was filled with just treats.  It cost almost $50 less and with faith and praying for it daily I sent it on it's way.  I was so relieved when I got the awesome picture he sent.  Looks like it arrived safe and sound. I hope the video works, It is so fun to hear his voice.  This week will mark his 6 month mark.  Hard to believe and yet seems like I haven't heard his voice in forever.  He is doing awesome and that smile says it all.  He is happy and doing exactly what he is meant to do.  These people love him.   He also said it was a hard week but didn't go into much detail. Never one to complain. Which is awesome. Enjoy.


Hello Everyone! So the weather has been a little loco here in Monterrey. We had some really cold days and now it is hot! Reminds me of Utah! So we are working a lot with a husband of a member who isn't a member. We are fasting a lot and he is progressing which is super good to see. This week we focused a lot on less actives and getting them back to church. We had interviews this week, and that's when I got the package! So sweet! It was a harder week for sure, this is the last week of the change, so next Monday night I will find out if I stay or go, and I will get a new comp. I have really liked it here in Sabinas. It is one of the hardest areas in the mission many people have told me, and members say the same. but I love it. Hard work is good! So not much happened other than that and there was a parade today for Dia de Revolucion! They love celebrating here! Love all of you! 

Elder Clayton

Sunday, November 17, 2013

He Finally Writes...

Well, we finally  heard from this boy.  Not a long one, which isn't surprising they never are, but the pictures he sends are always worth more than the words typed.  This week I have been putting together the last of his Christmas package and doing a year calendar.  I have missed him more as I look through pictures.  But, I wouldn't want him any other place.  These people are enjoy him and his smile as much or more than we could at this time.  Thank you so much for all the prayers and concern in his behalf.  As always he sends his thanks and love.  Enjoy, read will last longer.

Hello fam! So this week was short because I wrote Wednesday. but it was a good week! On Thursday we visited a less active family and we didnt know where they lived, so we knocked on a random door because we knew it was close, and they told us where the family lived. Perfect, gracias. So we were placticando with this family and the hermana who opened the door we knocked on asked for us for a blessing! ALLELUJUAH. What a blessing. So we ended the visit with the less active family and went to give a blessing to a daughter of this lady. We explained it takes faith to ask for a blessing and how cool it was. So it was really spiritual and inspired, then the next day we came back and talked about the church with here and now she is an investigator! On Friday, we had divisions with Our NEW mission leader. ALLELUJAH. We visited a family who's dad isn't a member, but the spouse is and the kids are. We had a bomb lesson and he showed up to church!!! SO sick. If he gets baptized I cant watch them get sealed in a year. I really love that family too. On Sunday, so he showed up and another hermano who isnt a member but his family is. Love to fams at church. So then we got word that there was a meeting in Monterrey for all of us. So we went and that was fun, 11 people in a suburban listening to Mexican music.   love you all!!! 
Elder Clayton

Went to Pizza Hut 
Seriously, who wouldn't want to get on this bus? 

 Another day at the Monterrey Temple
 Krispie Kreme Doughnuts, not too bad
Honduras Money, who knew?

Sunday, November 3, 2013

A Quick Hello & Happy Halloween

We did not hear from Elder Clayton this week which is always a little heartbreaking.  However, on Thursday, Halloween, a little note popped in with a couple of pictures which was a welcome surprise.  As you will see has a little Stetson humor along with it and a little note that brought a tear to my eye.  I have always made chili and bread sticks and so when he told me to eat some for him it made me a little sad as I knew he would be thinking of home today.  You will read that the work is moving forward.  At first they only had very few people at the meetings like 15 and last week 55.  I am certain they are doing great work and loving him.  He is worried his time is growing short there, but he will do well wherever he serves, I am certain of it. 

Here you go, but you can't help smiling when you see the delivery of the sacrament, you will see...

we went to deliver the santa cena to people that cant make it to church and the secrarty of the branch bought us cokes! apostasia!!! haha 

Elder Clayton

hello mom! We dont have much time but sounds like your week was awesome! india is crazy! what a wait!! February 12! right before his birthday! thats wild. the rama has really changed around, I really think we can baptize in the river. the whole branch is on board for my goal haha. we have a goal of 80 in assistance by end of November too. my first Sunday here we had 15 and last week 55. so we are on track! I am loving it though. 

 I was hoping this is not why we didn't hear from him.  He looks a little thinner than I remember him.