Caught on the Streets of Monterrey

Caught on the Streets of Monterrey
Watching...always Watching!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Riding in a Taxi & Oh Rats!!!

 This week's email is great, and a little funny because we have been discussing rats in our neighborhood, too.  What makes the rats in his area a Mexican one, do they perhaps wear a sombrero?  We will have to ask them.  Oh, how it would have been fun to be a fly on the wall and see them try to get it out of their apartment.  He sound great however and as you can see they are doing great things in their new area.  And the world is small, even in Mexico.  Enjoy...
Hello Family! This week was another good one from Santa Catarina, we will be having a baptism this next Sunday of the Hermana Edna, she is super excited and we found her about 3 weeks ago, and has progressed very well and is ready! We are excited for that, and for the opportunity we have to teach her. Oh man!! This last week I forgot to tell you, but we had a freaking huge Mexican Sewer rat in our house one morning. I think just the dirtiest thing you could basically have in your house, it came out of the pipe in the shower and was just waiting for my comp to enter, and when Elder Wells entered the rat ran out!! haha and we had a battle that ended with me hitting it with a broom and finding a blood trail that ended and we still haven't found it, but we are pretty sure that it escaped out the door...but it gave us quite the scare. I love this area and am thankful to be here, I love the zone, its doing alright, kind of struggling because there are 7 missionaries in training, but they are all excited to be here. A new Elder came to the zone who is from Morgan Utah, but lived in Layton up until his junior year and he knew Tanner Burningham, I thought that was pretty funny! All he could remember is tanners red hair and that he ran track. The world is super small. Oh and I received 2 letters from my last area, one  from Katherin that she has a calling and she is doing well and another from Carmen, that her cancer has ended. I was shocked when she wrote that. Her letter made me very happy and I couldn't believe that her cancer had ended! They were working on getting married then being baptized. oh and in I think about 3 weeks, there is stake conference so with Elder Gomez, we will see our converts in the barrio de Mitras!! We are excited and he is doing well. I am glad that everyone had a sweet UEA weekend and everyone's happy. I love you all!! 
Elder Clayton

These investigatores have a friend in DF as a missionary and they are from Torreon. Super cool people

I always wanted my picture in a taxi, so I got it!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

His Smile Say it All

This week's email - there wasn't really one.  However, he sent this awesome picture.   I was able to send a quick response to him and ask him what he was laughing at.  It looks like he is laughing with President Swap and all of the missionaries are chuckling, too.  He says, he can't remember.  Funny, it looks like it was really quite funny.  But, honestly, what I wouldn't give to hear his laugh right about now.  I can almost hear it when I look at this picture...almost.  Oh, how I miss him at times, and yet, I don't want to wish this away for him.  Because I know just by looking at him, he is having the time of his life.  Wouldn't you agree?

Oh, how I love him and that smile!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Testimony of a Living Prophet, & Progress with a few Setbacks

I always have the spirit let my heart know that he will be going to the temple so I knew that I wouldn't hear from him until Wednesday.  Funny how it all works.  As I read this email, then I started looking at the pictures, you will see the one with him and Elder Gomez, his trainee and Elder Gomez' trainee.  You will most likely see as I did that he is not the same boy that we sent over 16 months ago.  He is a man.  I had tears fill my eyes and was so proud of him and wished so badly I could just grab him and hug him.  He is doing great things and only to do more before he is finished with this journey and adventure.   I thought how you barely let them cross the street alone and then you send them on a mission and they do it.  Every part of it.  But, they do not do it alone.  He is watched and taken care of from above. I know that He is watching and taking care of him and so many others.  He loves each and everyone of his children and it is evident with each email that our missionary sends home.  He is so in charge.  I am more certain of that each an every day.  Enjoy...

Hello familia! Well, Monday we went to the temple so that is why I am writing so late today! We woke up today at 3:30 and got to the Monterrey temple at 6, we took the bus the whole way and guess what, Elder Gomez stayed the night in our house! It was fun to have him over and his companion that he is training. Elder Gomez is having a lot of success, and I am very proud of him. He is a great friend and I am blessed to have him in the zone with us. This last week we were going to have a baptism on sunday, but our investigator fell back with his addiction to alcohol, it was pretty sad to see. He was going 2 weeks without drinking, he got a job, went to go see his daughter that he hadn't seen in a very long time and things were turning around and he had his interview on friday night, and saturday night we came by and he was drinking a caguama, which is a 40 beer! ah man, it sucked. This guy has nothing, and we really have helped him come out of his hole, he told us he had never felt better not drinking for the past few weeks, then drank again and everything fell! but its all good, we are working with him and he is our friend, we love him and want the best for him. We also have a family, and 3 other investigators we are teaching that are solid. and we are happy to have found them! I love it. Well, conference was awesome. As Caleb said, yes they do repeat the same thing a lot, and that's why they repeat it, because its so important. Many of the speakers in all the sessions, spoke about the Restoration and about Joseph Smith and the importance of prophets. Its true, we speak to people all day from different churches and they are just lost, man. Most of the ¨catholics¨ dont even know who the pope is when we ask them, which is funny at times, but it made me realize that the Prophet today, Presidente Tomas S Monson es un profeta hoy en esta dia, que realmente recibe revelacion de Dios y que el nos guia en esta mundo. Se que si siguemos el consejo de ese profeta y de los apostoles, nosotros no andaremos en obsucridad. les amo mucho!

Elder Clayton 

 other investogator that we are teaching, super cool guy. 

tomas is our investigator, super cool kid from Tampico, Tamulipas 

"The Old Crew"

Sunday, October 5, 2014

New area & Loving it just like Always

Looks like he is liking his new area and finding people to teach.  I love how it doesn't take him long to readjust and get to work, thank heavens for that.  I had to laugh at the picture of the bbq.  He was always so concerned about going to a place that he would not be able to find anything he could eat, this doesn't look like he is struggling, at all.  Thanks for all the support and asking how he is doing.  I cannot tell you how much this means to me.  Funny how he says in this email that he missed us this week, I think that is the only time he has ever mentioned that.  I never tell him that although, you all know that I do.  I guess once in awhile he does think about home.  Enjoy...

Hola Clayton fam, I was glad to see that Woods Cross could beat bountiful!! Que bueno y por fin que tenemos exito! This week was a great week, Elder Wells and I are working hard to get the zone excited to find new people and to get the work going. In our zone there are 6 in training, so its a very young zone. Its a lot of fun, today we played soccer and basketball with one district and then later had a carne asada with a member here in our ward. The members are wonderful to us in this area, there are 6 just in this ward and its awesome. The class of Gospel Principles is full and its an amazing ward. Where we ate yesterday, the hermano actually lived in Bountiful for about 6 months in 2011! Super small world, so we talked about North Salt lake and bountiful for a little bit as we ate ribs haha. They are too good to us. My comp, Elder Wells, is an excellente Elder and we are working super hard to find new people. We should be having a baptism this Sunday if everything goes well! His name is Paul, and he really is just struggling, we are helping him to find work to get back on his feet. Its hard, and makes me feel bad when people struggle, so I like to help people like him. He is praying and really has found peace by going to the church. We are lining up the baptisms, by finding new people right now. I love you all, and missed all of you this last week. Tell Grandpa Dave happy birthday and I think about his hotcakes often! And funny thing, they call pancakes, hotcakes here!! cool huh? Love you all!! Love the work!

Elder Clayton
  This is anita, a little girl who is a member here in Huasteca
This was the last time with Elder Astudillo!! He went home to Tijuana last week!

 Doesn't look like the just eat rice and beans!

About the same time as all the other 'Elder Clayton' pictures we have!