Caught on the Streets of Monterrey

Caught on the Streets of Monterrey
Watching...always Watching!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Just another busy week, and possibly moving...

Always good for him to be able to attend the temple with his District and companion!
This week we heard from him yesterday due to him going to the temple on Monday.  It's amazing how the spirit always whispers to my heart on those days so I don't ever worry.  I knew that is where he was and that it would be Wednesday and sure enough it was.  He sounds great and by the pictures looks even better.  He is loving his area and is anxious as every area this is the transfer where he has left.  So, we will see what happens next week.  Thanks for following his journey.  He sends his love to you all.

 Hey Family! Well another week has gone by, today we went to the temple and it was a good day. We woke up at 4 am and were with other Elders at their house and left for the temple. It was a good experience and it always feels good to be there, we had a pretty busy week with a lot of work. on saturday we had a mission activity and we went to our area with about 15 people and contacted a lot of people, and got about 40 people who we are now going to back and teach them! So we should see a lot of success from this, which is exciting, it was kind of just a what ever week but a good one. We celebrated the birthday of Jose Manuel with some tres leches cake which was super rico! and had some fun being with him. He is a good man, and he has had a pretty rough life but now he is content. As of now, we have various people who have been to church and are ready for baptism, but its hard because they have some big opposition, that is hindering them. but its all good, we are still working with them and they will progress. Changes are in two weeks, I honestly have no idea if I will go or stay. In my last two areas I have stayed just 3 changes, and this is my third change! so we will see. but I really like it here in this area. Oh as well, we might have another chance to go to the temple again but this time with Samuel and his wife! So we are excited for that, for them to know the temple. but this next week will be a good one! Love you all and miss you!

Elder Clayton

 Jose Manual's B-day Celebration Tres Leche Cake

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Another Baptism & This One, He Does...

 Oh, how I love this week's email. He has a baptism of Samuel who as you will witness has been waiting just for Stetson.  I remember talking to him before he left and how many times people are just waiting for one particular missionary to touch their heart.  Obviously, this was one of those souls.  Many times, he has let his companion do the ordinance and this time, it is his turn.  I love each week as I witness the growth in this young man. They love him so much and he for sure loves them.  It is so much fun to see all the pictures and the mutual respect and admiration they have for each other.  He keeps saying how fast it is going and I can see this is going to be so hard for him to leave another loved area.  His love for his district is apparent as well.  He is working hard and it shows.  Enjoy, it's another great one...

Hola familia! This week was great! We had another baptism, the baptism of Samuel, his wife is a member, but we have been teaching him for about 4 weeks because those are the requirements to be baptized here in this mission and he completed everything he needed to complete! It was a very special program, and we had a ton of support from the ward, and I baptized him! It was an honor, because he has known his wife and the missionaries for about 5 a lot of Elders have come and gone teaching him. They are a cool couple and I am very happy for this step and decision he took. We have a ton of investigators right now, about 20 people we are teaching but getting them to church is a challenge. we live kind of far but yeah. We talk to everyone we can and have lots of fun. The members love us here and are good to us. I am glad that camp went well and that everyone is back to normal! Felicidades Caleb on your license! sick man! I miss driving. I actually had a dream about driving last night that I miss it so bad haha. Love you all! ! 

Elder Clayton

 Baptism of Samuel

Carne Asade

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Another Baptism & Oh so Happy...

Well this week that went by was a very very good one! We had the baptism of Jose Manuel on Saturday and it was a very special program. Just the way how everything came to be was a miracle and I am grateful for the opportunity we had to find him and teach him and to be apart of his life and his families. The Baptism was super cool, not many people showed up, but he had a good friend in his ward that came that has known him for about 14 years and that was super cool to see. He later confirmed him in Sacrament meeting yesterday. I really am grateful for this ward of San Bernabe 1, they have been good to me and I love all of the members. They support us which is the best. This Friday we have another baptism, of Samuel, I have talked a little about him, but he is awesome, his wife is a member already but we have been teaching him and he is ready! I love it here, and the work we are doing. To see the people progress and change is all worth it. I love all of you and I am glad that the birthdays of Dad and Caleb went well as well as camp!! Love you all! 

Elder Clayton
Here was his note to me, too.  I loved it!!!
 Hello mom! That's great that the camp was a success!! that is a lot of work, thanks for your attitude and what you do with your callings. here the people don't understand what a calling means at times, and that's hard. We had a sweet week and I missed you all with the two birthdays but I am glad camp went well and that's sweet you went boating, that's one of the first things on my list to do when I get back! love you mom!

Jose Manuel's Family

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Newest District Leader & Yummy Carne Asada

This week I was full involved in Stake Girl's Camp.  Thank heavens they needed a few things at Walmart.  So, I volunteered.  I was able to read his email, but it was Tuesday, so I was unable to be online at the same time.  As you will see, he is doing fantastic and things are progressing and great in his area.  They love him so much and he is doing great things there.

Hello everyone! Well Elder Clements and I had a super good week. I was made the district leader and I gave a capacitaion on Wednesday to the missionaries. It is pretty sweet being a DL and I am excited to work with the district to get them pumped up, on last Monday we had a carne asada with the members for Biggs last night with us, that's when we got the news, on Tuesday, we found a person named Abril, we found her in the park just at the right time, its cool to find people just in the right time at the right place. We have very high hopes of her progressing with her family! On Sabado we had another Carne Asada with Samuel and two other families and a noche de hogar! It was a ton of fun, and wow...carne asada was super good. On Sunday, Mexico and Holland played in the world cup and everyone was talking about the game, we saw a little with members and our investigator and it was kind of sad to see them lose! Then we went to church and almost everyone was late because of the game haha. but it was good. We had 6 people with us, and we are super excited to have a baptism this Saturday with Jose Manuel! I will have pictures and stories to tell. Love you all...

Elder Clayton

Then on Sunday night at about midnight a surprise Instagram picture came in.  I had asked in my prayers for Heavenly Father to just let my heart know that my boys were being taken care of.  I know they were, but this was one of several tender mercies that came through, that let me know that He is always there and making sure everything is as it should be.