Caught on the Streets of Monterrey

Caught on the Streets of Monterrey
Watching...always Watching!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Lost his Voice & a Visiting 70 with Late Start

You will see that he is settling in his new assignment and loves his new companion.  We have always taught how important it is to be on time and you will see that time is not important to the Spanish people.  Bridger said the exact same thing and how much he learned that he appreciated learning the value of being on time, too.  He seems to find good members, but they have a hard time with drinking...ha-ha.  I will also include the letters he sent to me.  Enjoy, he sounds so good and as always very happy, the pictures will show you that, too...

Hello everyone! This week was a good one! I lost my voice for 2 days though! I have never had that happen, so it kind was kind of bad, but it reminded me of my first few weeks out of the MTC when I couldnt speak anyway haha. So my comp is awesome, never a dull moment! He knows a lot of English so its a good time. On Tuesday we had a zone conference with our Mission President and that was amazing. We had a goal of 35 contacts for the week. Now we raised it up to 50! So we have to contact 50 people in the week. its fun talking to people though, you just hear the craziest stuff from people. It blows my mind every time. Oh and so in my ward, we start at 9 and we always start late and everyone arrives late. So this Sunday, all 4 of us are preparing the sacrament and our Mission President comes out of nowhere and tells us 6 stake presidents are here and a 70!! haha and that they are going to attend our meeting. so...that was funny. Starting late with a 70. Classy verdad? but it was all good. He spoke on the obra missional and that the members need to help out the missionaries. Oh and we found 2 new investigators. One, is a bit older, and he is super smart. He speaks very proper and wants to learn more, but drinks way too much. So we are working with him! Overall, we had a good week! Love you all!! 
--Elder Clayton

Hello Pal!  Well, today was a wonderful day.  We had a special stake conference.  It was unusual that we had a member of the 12 attend our Stake Conference.  Seventeen stake presidents, and bishops met with Elder Holland yesterday for a four hour meeting and leadership training.  Then he chose one stake to attend an it was ours.  We are so lucky and blessed.  We only knew for about four/five weeks that he was going to be here.  They opened the doors about 8:00 and said they wouldn't let you save seats so the plan was to leave our house about 7:40 and walk.  Well that went over like a lead balloon.  Caleb and Bridger were not happy about that.  They wanted if you were capable to walk to do so.  But, after they were a little late they did not want to walk so we drove.  We got there about 8:30 and the entire chapel and most of the gym was already full.  Unbelievable.  But it was ok.  It actually went by really quickly.  I was such a good meeting.  President Webster gave such a great talk, which he always does.  He is such a great man.  They had four people from the audience bear their testimonies, scary.  But, they did such a great job.  And then Elder Holland spoke for 45 minutes.  He was fantastic.  He gave such a great talk about giving a 10th of your life, or a tithe to the church.  So from age 12-22 which are the years that you make the biggest choices of your life.  The ones that will affect the rest of your life.  He talked about how he was the first one in his family who served a mission and how it was the thing that defines his life.  He remembers everything by where he was compared to his mission.  He is so great.  He had us all laughing one minute and in tears the next.  He gave left us with an apostolic blessing.  It was amazing.  The greatest part was so many of the things that we had been discussing with Bridger he addressed.  Then after the meeting he let any who wanted to go up and shake his hand.  So, I went up with Caleb.  it isn't everyday that you have the opportunity to shake an apostle of the Lord's hand.  And I love Elder Holland, who doesn't right?

Then we came home and just took it easy as it was only 1:00.  Bridger and Caleb watched the playoff games and then took a nap.  I updated your blog and worked on some camp stuff as I had a meeting tonight at 8:00.  I'm sure you know that Denver is in the Superbowl and so are the Seahawks.  I really like Peyton Manning so I will be cheering for the Broncos. 

I loved the pictures of you and your new companion.  You're quite the pair.  You look like they dynamic duo.  I hope you're finding success.  I was re-reading some of your emails and was wondering about that sister from the mall.  Is she going to the temple soon?  Will you be able to see her go through to take out her endowments?  How does that work?  I was hoping you would be able to do that, but not sure if they let you.  I pray every day that you will find someone to teach that will listen to your message.  You have such wonderful spirit about you and I'm sure they love your attitude and spirit.  Thank you so much for being so positive.  You are a great missionary and son.  I'm so proud of you and all you are doing. 

Oh, I totally forgot to ask you, did you get the package?  I tracked it and it said it was delivered.  I'm going to send your b-day package on Tuesday so is there anything you need?  Let me know so I can get it to you.  Can't believe you're going to be 20.  It should be able to get to you before your actual b-day, but I can't wait much longer. 

Well, it's a holiday here,  Human Rights Day, or Martin Luther King Day.  So, we will be home.  Hope to catch you on.  Love you so much pal. Have a great week.  Be safe and obey the rules and commandments.  Oh, btw.  Helaman 5:12 is my favorite scripture.  Maybe that is why it was so familiar to you.  I have always said as long as you have a strong foundation, come what may and you will be fine.

Love and miss you,


hello mom! just read your email. Thats so cool about Jeffery R holland. I read dads letter first and it sounded like he spoke to them at Dads work, I didn't understand he was at a stake conference. that's so cool. yeah what a blessing to hear from him. he is every missionary's favorite apostle. he is really special. I did get the package!! Thank you for everything inside, and the calendar!! it is hanging up on my desk. Oh and the sister that is going through the temple, it kind of sucks, but my last comp and I were working all of the ward, then two other missionaries came in, so we divided it again, so we took the side where there is less most of my work went to the other elders. but it's okay. I have having a great time training my comp, he is awesome. Oh I forgot to tell you I finished the book Jesus the Christ a few weeks ago, soo good. I Loved it. just so much information about the life of our Savior.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Training a new companion, and having a blast!

Well as you will soon read he is a trainer. He's so excited. I will attach the picture of the two of them. They are quite a handsome pair. Kind of hard to see that he was moved after all of his efforts but his attitude is once again upbeat and he is doing fine. I wish I could see the two of them. I bet they are quite a team. Enjoy, it's short but informative and fun. Thanks again for your support, thoughts and prayers. Always appreciated and felt. 
So my comp went home to Cancun and I got the call that I would be training! On Monday we visited the converts of Elder Chable, that was a lot of fun, to get to know different parts of Monterrey, and as of now I have been in just about every part. On Tuesday morning, I went to the offices and there were 20 new missionary's and 20 trainers including me. A huge group! We lined up and I was first to be called with Elder Gomez. He is from the Republica Dominicana. He is always happy and its always a good time. He is always singing something, so there is never a dull moment! I stayed in my area but we split it again. It is kind of hard because of the two areas, Chable and I had been working in the majority of the other side and I got switched back to the other all of my work stayed on the other side. Yo odio mi vida. but, we are working hard and focusing hard on finding people who are ready to change their lives for the better. I found Helaman 5 verse 12 to help a struggling family in my area. They are less active and going through a rough time. As a missionary you feel for these people. You feel like a part of their lives. I am just here to help them and love to see that I have made that difference. I love you all!! Nos Vemos next week! 
Elder Clayton

 New Companion Elder Gomez his kid, Stetson is a Trainer!
 New companion Elder Gomez and Tony who shines their shoes, he is a member

This Elder was with Stetson in Vegas he said it was good to see him again.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sending another home...

This week Stetson is will be sending his companion home as his mission is over.  So they are going to visit and say good bye so his time was short on the computer.  However, he responded to my email and then on Monday we received a bonus package from Monterrey.  Full of fun things but best of all a hand written letter for each of us.  It was awesome.  So, not getting an email was ok.  He did send some fun pictures and a short email which I will include, he promised next week a better one with news of his new companion and what's happening.  He still is so happy and for that we are always grateful. 

 New Year's

Little Ceasar's even in Monterrey
His Zone

So all in all it was a good week.  I sure love him and although I miss him like crazy I wouldn't trade this experience for him or us for anything. 

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Loved to Skype at Christmas, and trying get Investigators to Come to Church

Hello everyone! I loved Christmas and how we got to skype! Sorry you had to put the speakers up to your ears to hear, but its all good! It was awesome to see and hear from everyone. I had a pretty good Christmas, I have heard Christmas is hard for a missionary,so I didnt get my hopes up and I wasnt dissapointed! for Christmas Eve my comp was sick!! So I read Jesus the Christ, exercised and watched 17 Miracles! Pretty normal christmas hahah. but I had a good time. Everyone eats tamales here for christmas, and they make a million, so we have been eating tamales for like 5 days straight! haha but I love them. So on saturday, we found a sister who we started teaching and we invited her to go to church and she said she would. So Sunday comes around and we had 2 investigators to bring to church with rides from members, and yeah---both fell through! Sooo that was kind of sad, but we are still keeping our hopes up. We had kind of a rough week with my comp sick  but its okay. This week will be a good one! Happy New Year everyone!! te amo!

Elder Clayton

 What  he ate for lunch on Christmas Day, doesn't look too bad.
Doing a little cleaning, or is he playing the air guitar...hmmm...