Caught on the Streets of Monterrey

Caught on the Streets of Monterrey
Watching...always Watching!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Feliz Navidad & Packages Delivered...

 On Monday we did not receive an email which now I do not worry as this usually means they have a temple day.  So, on Wednesday I was at lunch and they started popping in.  Can you even imagine the amount of happiness when the picture with the Santa hat and the jar of Skippy and the trademark smile was what greeted me!  Oh, I am not going to lie it brought tears to my eyes.  I cannot wait to hear his voice...just three more days.  He is doing so great and as you will see loved the Christmas packages.  He has decorated the tree and has shared with his companion who is wishing that he was a Gringo...hilarious!  The work is moving forward and they have lots to do but he has always given his dad such a hard time about being the small talk king and now he is finding it is coming in handy.  He may learn he was in training all these years..ha-ha.  Enjoy, it's a good one and actually quite long.  A Christmas Miracle...
Hello Clayton Family! So this week was a pretty good one. On Sunday, our bishop spoke about retention, and kind of repeated the talk by Dieter Uchtdorf yeah cant spell that from conference in October. About how people come and go but we can bring them back. There are so many members here that just don't have a testimony but we can bring back. sometimes we visit members on our registros and they don't even know we are missionaries haha. like they just have no idea. So Sunday was pretty sweet. Last Wednesday a way cool member took us to the MALL!! Picture Layton hills mall, but 20 times nicer and in Mexico. Nicest mall in Mexico probably and we went to Carl's junior! Super good and then we walked around the Christmas tree and then went back to our area. She is super cool and is a member for about a year and we are preparing her to go to the temple. So yesterday we had our zone meeting and they pumped us up to find new people to teach. It really helped because we were kind of down with such a big area and so much to do with the other two elders leaving. but yesterday was such a good day. because I contacted this guy with this huge dog and was just asking him about his dog. small talk you know? because I personally know the small talk king. and from there talked to him about the church and he actually has been and accepted us to come back. but everyone here accepts us to come back but he was different he was actually interested and wants to learn more. then a few hours later we went to meet a reference with a member. so this guy is from San Salvador and worked in Manhattan and Boston for 20 years! then got deported I guess. but he is looking to change his life for the better and that is why we are here. he was a way cool guy and I am pumped to teach both of these people. so then we went home and I opedn the packages!!!!! OH FREAK: I am blessed haha. My comp was saying in Spanish that he wants to be gringo. but I am going to share with him of course. but opening packages is just like Christmas, but it was a package for Christmas, entocnces, it was like a super special Christmas hahah. I loved it. thanks for everything!!! and the caramels from Grandpa Clayton! mmm tan ricos son. but the peanut butter was the best. I have found in Mexico the most expensive things here are floss and peanut butter. who would have thought. floss is like 5 American dollars for a thing. doesn't Dr. Feller have like 2500 of those? he should sell them here but no one would buy them hahha. Love you all!!!
Elder Clayton

Elder Clayton
 hey mom! love you! yes got everything. two boxes and decorated the tree. I will write a big letter in just a little bit
  Hey everyone! I will be going to be skyping you on the 25th but I dont know what time still. Either before 2 or after 3 or so. so plan on either 12:00 or like 3:00 and I will create a username. send your username you want me to call to my email! I got the packages yesterday and they were amazing!! The peanut butter was the best!! I will stil be on for a little

>I sent him a picture of my making the sign on 5th South at the Gym I go to:  here's my email and his reply, it's priceless.  So included it.  Maybe a little self serving, but I loved it.

On Sun, Dec 15, 2013 at 11:38 PM, <> wrote:

Well, it finally happened!  I made it one the sign at Four Pillar!!!  Can you even believe it!  I actually have lost a lot more than the sign says, but to be honest the real reason I got on the sign is because I finally made it under the number I have been trying to get to forever!!!  It took me 5 months to lose 8 pounds.  Although I got a lot smaller and lost several inches, I couldn't lose those pounds and get under that number.  Ryan, my trainer said he was as frustrated as I was.  He told me it was not about the numbers and that I should throw away the scale.  But, I'm not finished...yet!

I will finish.  I'm almost there.  It's hard being on the sign.  It's funny though to be on the sign I put it on Facebook and the comments that were put on there were so complementary were and are so encouraging that it makes me want to finish all the way.  Ryan is so great.  He told me that he wishes he could have put more on the sign.  It was more than that, because I go everyday, working hard and never give up.  So there you have it. 

So, maybe you'll get to see it again.  I love you pal.  Hope to talk to you today when you're on.  I love you!!!!!!  MOM

Hey mom!! You made the sign! Every time I worked at Salt city I read that sign haha. That is so awesome! I need to start working out, we don't walk as much as my first area. I have bands and my pushups but I am just always tired! hey remember the Christmas story we would always read?? The bed of baby Jesus? I thought of that the other day and tell families about it here when I teach. but yeah...the families dont follow through with anything around here haha

-Elder Clayton

 Says this is an awesome mall with one of the members in his new area
 Oh that smile, and he loves peanut butter, can you tell?

 Monterrey Temple with his district

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