Caught on the Streets of Monterrey

Caught on the Streets of Monterrey
Watching...always Watching!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

On the Move, & Lot of Work to Do...

He sounds good and ready to go to work. Hard to believe how many less actives.  His enthusiasm shows in his writing and we are all getting so excited to talk him soon.  This week marked his six month mark. And you will see he looks like he likes his new companion.

 His new companion Elder Chable from Cancun!
Hello Family!! Here I am in Centro Monterrey. I was transferred out of Sabinas Hidalgo to Mitras. What a change it is!! I am used to the slow pace of the country and pueblo life to right here in the middle of the city. My area is a little bit crazy but I am loving it, as a missionary learning to adapt to change! My new companion is named Elder Chable he is from Cancun! Spring Break!! And it is his last transfer. I has taught me a lot and we work well together. He is the district leader and I will get the chance to go to San Pedro…the richest part of Mexico one of these days! Sick huh? So we live with 2 other missionaries and we have a freaking washing machine!!Life in the city aint to bad haha. I miss Sabinas Alot and all of the members, but I have to progress in other areas. We went to church yesterday and we need to change this ward around. It is just like the story of Sabinas, we need to help the ward come together and start the obra misional here. On Friday night the area president of Mexico, President Johnson came for a huge meeting with all of the missionaries and leaders here in Mitras. There is a problem here in Monterrey. It blew all of our minds and will blow yours too. So out of the six stakes within our mission there are 21000 members. 16000 are inactive…freak!!! Haha un buen! So yeah, basically President Johsnon knows we need to step up our game. Vamos a ver! Other than that, I am happy aquí en Monterrrrey!! 

Elder Clayton
His Desk - nice and tidy!

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