Caught on the Streets of Monterrey

Caught on the Streets of Monterrey
Watching...always Watching!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

An Average Week, and Christmas Package Finally Arrives from the Ward

He sounds and looks great. The package he got was from the ward that was sent quite awhile ago. He said the things were gone through. I had written him a letter which they had opened I'm sure looking for money. Think heavens they left if in there. I write him often and mail it to him do he gets a real letter to hold and reread. I am grateful for the little things such as this. Ransacked but left the "good" stuff.

Thanks for all you'd support. Means so much to all of us. Especially to him. Enjoy...
Subject: Just an average week!
Hello family! This week was pretty average but it was a good one! On Thursday, we had Zone Conference with President Swapp and it was awesome! We watched the talk of Elder Oaks when he was at the Mexico MTC and said that in this moment, the nation of Mexico is a chosen place for the work of the Lord, that in this moment, the work is progressing. It is awesome to be apart of this work in this moment. We learned a lot in this conference and we had a slideshow at the end of the baptisms from January to March. Elder Gomez and I were in there a lot and it made me realize why I am here. after the slideshow, we were talking about how we all felt and how all the people in the photos looked. and everyone looks happy. Everyone has an expression of peace. It was cool to see that. Plus, I miss my time with Elder Gomez, best part of my mission so far! Oh and I got a dear elder from Sue about Elder Burningham cleaning a house in russia!! haha soo funny! I cant imagine that house! I received a package from Bishop Brisko, from the ward. tell him thank you and tell everyone hello! I enjoyed the photos of the ward! How creative! Everything was good, except it was all opened up, all of the packages and letters. Oh and I got the two letters from Grandma and Grandpa Clayton...finally. They sent one 27 November and it was in my hands 4 days ago. So quick. not. On Saturday and Sunday I got really sick! but I am better now. I had a fever and wasn't doing really well. For church, we take a microbus and its always soo full. Well,. I was in my suit and its super hot in these buses, and I dont think I have ever sweated more than that moment in my life, in a suit, with a fever, in mexico on a bus. but it was all good. When I got here, we didn't have any investigators, but we are working with a family that doesnt have their kid baptized, they are less active and we got them to church on Sunday! So that was good, we are working hard to find more people to teach. In this area, we have another area that is really far that is huge. Its like Foxboro, but we only have two members that live there! Love you all!! adios!

Elder Clayton
These are 5 Pesos, they are like Otter Pops, but they are HUGE!
we have an area that all the houses are the same and its in the middle of nowhere. on Friday nights we have a meeting with our mission leader and there is a big Mercado. or market!

 This was the tie from Bishop, and in the market I made a bandana with my name!! sweet huh?

 I love the Orchard 5th Ward!!!
and the lost cards from Grandma and Grandpa!

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