Caught on the Streets of Monterrey

Caught on the Streets of Monterrey
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Sunday, April 13, 2014

New Area, New Companion, Same Awesome Smile...

This a great email as he was transferred and in a completely different area and change, but you will see he is doing just fine. I also included a bit from the email I sent because he replied to it and it answers some good things that you will see how much he is growing. We are so proud of him and this week I sent a thank you to Sister Swapp who is the mission president's wife. She said he is doing so well and an asset wherever he is serving. I was not surprised. Thank you again for following his journey and your thoughts and prayers it means so much to us, but mostly so much to him. He always says please tell them all thank you mom. So, "Thank you" from him as well!  Enjoy...

> Hello Pal!  How was your week?  I am sure this has been a different week for you with all the changes and such.  First of all, I can't tell you how happy my heart has been with the email that you sent last week and the I feel miracles and tender mercies that took place before you left your area.  I know it is due to the diligence of you and Elder Gomez and all that you did to prepare those people to be ready to be baptized and become members.  Dad had the letter translated from Karla and I was in awe as I read it.  Remember that day that you and I were driving and you said what if I get sent somewhere that I won't be able to handle anything to eat, and I told you would be sent exactly where you were supposed to go.  Your last sentence on your email said it all, "this is why I am here"  He sent you exactly where you were supposed to go.  And Karla knew it too.  You were sent to those people because they needed you to touch their hearts, through the spirit of the Holy Ghost.  As I was looking at the pictures I had tears running down my face as I told dad it was sad.  And he told, me yes it is.  But, that is how it is.  I am sure that must have been how it was in heaven, too.  And yet we all agreed to do it.  Heavenly Father must be sad at times too knowing that some of His children choose poorly.  Thank heavens, some of them listen.  Thank you so much for going and sacrificing for these people.  They so need to know their is more to life and that they have a Father in Heaven that loves them and he sent His Son for them.  It is all such a great plan when they understand it all.  Mom
> Elder Clayton:  Hello mom! just read your sweet letter. love you so much. this week has been a bit hectic with the changes, but its all good. I was sad to leave Mitras, especially Elder Gomez and my converts. I am really looking forward to the time we can go to the temple in one year with the Family to get sealed, Karla and Jose Maria. I really really hope and I know that they will all stay strong. I haven't had many converts, but the ones that I have had are all worth it. When I am down or sad, I think of that letter from Karla. We really found her in the perfect time. She told us a long story, and she was ready to quit. I thank our Heavenly Father for putting Elder Gomez and I in her path and talking to her that day. I loved conference too! we watched in Spanish and I loved it all, I will tell more in my letter
> Hola Familia Clayton! Well, I got transferred from Mitras! It was pretty hard to leave. In the morning, at central, where we all meet for our new companions, Elder Gomez and I were pretty sad to leave each other, but it was all good. I really had a good time with him. So my new area is San Bernabe and my new Companion is Elder Perez from Distrito Federal. He is super cool and was actually the comp of Elder Gomez in the MTC, so I already knew a lot about him. Well, I am pretty far from the central of the city. I am in a ward and the members actually work!!! Which is super cool. On Friday, we went to the capilla to clean with the ward and all of the members are so nice and all were cleaning the church. So right now, we don't have any investigators, but we are working on it. Elder Perez and I are pumped to work hard here. Oh I was going to say, the Elder who gave the last prayer in the last session, I saw him the past Sunday and shook his hand! Funny how things like that come to pass right? Conference was super sweet. I loved all of the talks. I liked Elder Ballard how he talked about the importance of members and missionaries and Preach my Gospel. Its an inspired book.OH and today, our zone is super sweet. We played sports today and ate sandwiches at the church for an activity. Love you all!!
> --
> Elder Clayton

 This is a missionary that served in Honduras and knows Bridger they met as Stetson was waiting for the bus, crazy what a small, small world it actually is.
 Karla's kids.  He sure loves them.  They are adorable.
 His new area:  San Bernabe, totally opposite of where he was serving.  But he is ready to work.  
Not surprised, He says the members are strong there and good, and hard workers.

 Saying goodbye to Elder Gomez and hello to his new comp, Elder Perez
 Last picture with Elder Gomez and their solid now member Jose Maria.  They are now all brothers!

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  1. Love that kid and his sunny disposition. What amazing things he is able to do as the Lord's mouthpiece and his hands. That's crazy that he met someone who served with Bridger...even countries that seem so far apart are part of this little world that reconnects often, amazing!