Caught on the Streets of Monterrey

Caught on the Streets of Monterrey
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Sunday, May 4, 2014

A Great Week and they're Starting to Listen and Come to Church...

This was such a better week. Obviously this Elder was given to the right one who could help him stay and see the great things could happen. Today is his 11th month. Flying by...
Enjoy, he sounds so happy and looks awesome. Enjoy!
Bueno, this week was a lot better than last week! This week we had the baptism of Brian, his family is less active and we have reactivated them. They haven't come in 2 years!! It is pretty cool to see them make this change, now we have to keep working with them to keep them strong. We had a ton of support from the ward. It was full!! In my last area, we had to beg the members to come. Here, we don't have space for everyone. It is cool to see the support. On Sunday he was confirmed, and we also brought another family to church. They are investigators and they are super cool. We love to visit them, because we laugh and have a good time. We had a really cool lesson with them. Well, first I have to tell you that the Hermana told us that when we are there, they feel good and they want to come to church, and when we leave, they miss us. So, we shared the dream of Lehi. and after we explained everything in the dream and what it meant, the hermana told us that she wants to Grab onto the Iron Rod. Boom! So cool. Oh but her husband might be a problem, we were talking with him two nights ago and he whips out his bible and starts firing off questions and we answered them all and we left him stunned. Oh and we talked in church! I talked about prayer and el Espirtu Santo. I love this ward, everyone loves us. So Elder Perez and I had a really good week! I cant wait to get this package, mom! Love you so much and thanks for everything! 

Elder Clayton

The kid on the right on the chair and the hermanas in the blue and orange shirt went to church with us yesterday! They are super cool and we are teaching them right now.

 Filling up the Pila

Elder Clayton & Elder Perez
I'm going to include my email to him this week, it had a great reply in his email back and forth which won't make much sense, so for journaling perhaps here it is:

Hi Pal.  Well, tomorrow is your 11th month.  I'm just finishing your box and will most likely mail it on Wednesday.  I am waiting for that darn book, still isn't here.  We can't find any type of Nauvoo ring, they say there isn't such a thing.  We have the Joseph Smith one in a 9.5 and all the other things you requested, but that.  I'm sorry, I tried.  I'm so hoping that book comes tomorrow.   Last chance for any more requests, I so hope you get it by the 29 of May....(faith, I know and prayers and you will)

Today, we had Regional Conference.  We attended at the Regional Center, but it was broadcast from the Conference Center.  It was really good.  They talked a lot about finding the lost sheep and being missionaries.  I need to get a copy of Preach my Gospel.  And we need to start having FHE with Caleb and get him familiar with it.  I'm going to have dad get him a small one and start doing that.  Elder Anderson spoke and had his wife speak before him.  She talked about how much she loved her copy of the Ensign when it would come out each conference and how she would make copies for her children as they lived in Florida and she was unaware you could get extra copies at the distribution center.  It had cost her $50 over 30 years ago to make the copies and it made her sick to her stomach.  And, then she thought about how that was a small price to pay to have the word of the prophets of God in their hand to study and read until the next conference.  I told dad, it's amazing the things we take for granted.  I will take my copy this next week much more serious as it will I think come this week.  I was wondering, do you get one?  Or is it just the Liahona?  I used to always send a copy to Bridger.  I will send you one if you would like me to...

How's Elder Perez?  I've been praying for him and you all week.  I have thought about how hard it is though when someone is determined to do something.  Satan knows that if he gets him to not stay, he could thwart people for Coming Unto Christ.  Which is what he wants.  But, he has to stay for the right reasons.  John Evertsen was here with Jake Trottier today to home teach and we were telling him about you as he always asks.  He said it is when the wind blows, the roots get stronger.  I thought that was a great and profound statement.  That is so true.  Your roots are there and secure, but you sometimes have to buckle down and hold fast and tight and hang on. 

Just know that I love you pal, and I am praying for you.  And Elder Perez.  I want you to be successful.  But, I also want him to be happy as that will affect the success of what happens.  You are a great son and wonderful missionary.  It has been so much fun to see and hear everyone's comments on how your smile is so contagious.  Thanks for sending the pictures, I can't tell you how much they mean to me.  And, do you realize that in only 2 weeks I get to talk to you again.  I can hardly stand it.  In fact, dad asked me today where the countdown chain was.  I only do it at the start of the month.  So, I'll be making that on Thursday. 

I love you so much and hope you have a wonderful week.  I hope to catch you on today, I think you said you wouldn't be going to the temple today, so we will see.

Love and miss you...MOM!

Oh, funny thing, Ryan and Shad just came down and we hadn't gotten the mail yesterday I guess.  So, dad sent them out to get it.  Guess What...the Book is HERE!!!!  So, I will send the box, probably Tuesday, the 11th month anniversary!!!
And his reply:  That is cool what Jake and John said about the roots, and that's true. there was a talk about that in conference.
I also asked him about his tan.  
His reply:  
thanks so much mom. I got burned, but then turns into a tan! its starting to get really hot here, like 100. we have one fan in our house, its two floors, we have a bunk bed and I'm on top! so it gets super hot in the night! but I love it love all of you and can't wait to talk to you all. 


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