Caught on the Streets of Monterrey

Caught on the Streets of Monterrey
Watching...always Watching!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Helping His Companion to Stay...& the Mother's Day Call

This was such a better week. Obviously this Elder was given to the right one who could help him stay and see the great things that could happen. Today is his 11th month. Flying by...(?)
Enjoy, he sounds so happy and looks awesome.  Enjoy!

The best part of Mother's Day and having a missionary is the phone call.  Stetson had called the week before to let us know that he would be calling at 8:00 p.m. which I was so excited.  So, at 7:00 when the phone rang, I was surprised that it was him.  I thought he was on the same time as us, but they are an hour ahead, so I am so glad we did not leave and take a gift down to my mom's.  We were so excited to talk to him.  And as you can see, his smile was from ear to ear and he is doing so great.  He told us funny stories and the best of all was how they found their investigator Karla.  How the spirit told him to go and talk to her.  It was wonderful to watch and listen to him.  He beams as he talks and as always his smile was contagious.  But here are the pictures so you can see.  As it is always the same it was so hard when he told me it was time to hang up.  It seems as if someone hits a switch and the tears start to flow.  I try so hard, and yet I know I will not hear his voice until Christmas.  And after I hung up I Google'd it and it is 227 days until that day...oh bother!

 Bueno, this week was a lot better than last week! This week we had the baptism of Brian, his family is less active and we have reactivated them. They haven't come in 2 years!! It is pretty cool to see them make this change, now we have to keep working with them to keep them strong. We had a ton of support from the ward. It was full!! In my last area, we had to beg the members to come. Here, we don't have space for everyone. It is cool to see the support. On Sunday he was confirmed, and we also brought another family to church. They are investigators and they are super cool. We love to visit them, because we laugh and have a good time. We had a really cool lesson with them. Well, first I have to tell you that the Hermana told us that when we are there, they feel good and they want to come to church, and when we leave, they miss us. So, we shared the dream of Lehi. and after we explained everything in the dream and what it meant, the hermana told us that she wants to Grab onto the Iron Rod. Boom! So cool. Oh but her husband might be a problem, we were talking with him two nights ago and he whips out his bible and starts firing off questions and we answered them all and we left him stunned. Oh and we talked in church! I talked about prayer and el Espirtu Santo. I love this ward, everyone loves us. So Elder Perez and I had a really good week! I cant wait to get this package, mom! Love you so much and thanks for everything! 

Elder Clayton
 Arturo they are teaching him
 Future FBI Agent...perhaps...
 All the ones he is serving in the area with, his Hoomies!
 Elder Perez & Elder Clayton
 At a ward service project, different than home service projects for sure.

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