Caught on the Streets of Monterrey

Caught on the Streets of Monterrey
Watching...always Watching!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

First Week in Vegas and Living in Paradise...Literally!

He is finding it not too bad to be serving in Vegas and having a great time and is very busy.  He is not sure how long he will be here but will make the most of his time here and be obedient and be diligent in serving and trying to find those souls searching for the light of the gospel.  I have a good friend that lives there that I worked with at the Church Offices and she was able to take him and his companion dinner last night.  I am so looking forward to hearing of that experience in his email tomorrow.  She sent a picture last night through Facebook.  Which I will include next time, but for now here's this week's email and experiences.  He is doing well and adjusting.  He was able to chat with Wayne and sent a couple of pictures.  The one of UNLV is I'm most certain is of In and Out which he was stocked about when he found out he was going to Vegas.  His is enjoying his companion and also the last picture taken with his cousin:  Elder Burningham at the MTC.  He leaves tomorrow for the Russia Novosibirsk Mission.  Stetson also included the scripture to include on his plaque:  3 Nephi 5:13 I will put it on the side bar of his blog.  Enjoy...

So there was three of us Visa waiters getting sent to Vegas, so we woke up at 3:30 am and headed to the bus then from there to the airport. I was so certain that my big bag was going to be over 50 lbs, and I was so worried about it! then it got weighed and it was exactly 50 lbs. such a relief. It was a short flight to Vegas, there was about 26 of us as well walking around the airport and everyone was watching us! So as soon as we walked out it was freaking hot. It doesn't bother me because you can't complain, just learn to love it. So I don't even mind the heat at all. The first day we had breakfast with The Mission President and his wife, they are both amazing. So happy and friendly, they were all glad to see us get there safely. Then we went over to the church to get our trainers, my trainer is Elder Guiterrez, he is from the south side of Chicago and is a pretty funny guy. Our area is called Paradise! There are 3 Spanish ward members in our area, so there is a lot of work for us to do. We have a car, a 2013 Chevy Cruz! I love the air conditioning in it, we do a lot of walking as well. All we visit are apartments because that is all there is in our area! The first day I had the biggest headache in my life I can remember, and was just having kind of a rough time, but the next day was great! we met new people in the area and started to work. It has been a good week and I am happy to be here! There are a lot of Visa waiters in this mission, some going to Brazil have been waiting for 3 months and plus, but the Mexico Visa waiters always leave before 6. So all is good here in Las Vegas! Love and Miss all of you!
Elder Clayton

 Elder Burningham & Elder Clayton Stetson's cousin going to Russia 

Elder Arnold gave a devotional Tuesday night and it was amazing, then me and my comp happened to run into him in the MTC as he was visiting some people!
He talked about serving in Northern Mexico during the devotional and I wanted to ask him if he served in Monterrey so bad, but then I got the chance! he said he loved Monterrey and loved the people.

 Just another day in Vegas!
UNLV or IN & OUT???

Elder Clayton & Elder Guiterrez, his Comp!

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  1. isn't that Elder Arnold from the 70? I loved the picture Trina posted. Look forward to more updates Tammy.