Caught on the Streets of Monterrey

Caught on the Streets of Monterrey
Watching...always Watching!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

It seemed like a long week before we finally heard from via email and he got a pday.  He sounds like he is doing great.  We have gotten actually three handwritten letters from him which is quite a change from his brother and he has several sightings from Bridgers friends that work down at the MTC bookstore that text us and tell us that he is doing awesome and looks so happy.  Yesterday we received a memory card with several pictures and his smile tells it all.  He has always had such a captivating smile and I will include some with this email.  He also was able to call his dad on Friday and let us know that he will be leaving the MTC on Wednesday to be spending some time in the Nevada Las Vegas Mission until his Visa arrives.  He is excited. It is very hot there right now which will prepare for him for Mexico.  I can't wait to hear his voice.  Wayne said he sounds great.  Here's the first of many of his emails and his journey on his mission.  Enjoy and welcome on this journey...

It has been a loko week! Getting dropped off was wild, I missed all of you guys but was soon overwhelmed with the welcoming to the MTC. It is a pretty amazing place. All the culture, the people and the spirirt about it is cool! Before I forget, the nights ago after a devotional these two sisters came up to me and started saying "Elder Clayton??" in a Spanish accent. I was like si si. THEY WERE FROM SAN PEDRO SULA!!! They knew Bridger! they thought I was Bridger jajaja. They kept saying "twins" "todos mizmo" I got a picture with them but I can't upload them right now. It was so awesome to meet them. Also, on our temple walk I talked to this Elder just randomly and he was from Wyoming and said he was from the city Bishop Bob was and he Knew Bishop Bob!! He had been to lake powell with them. His name was Elder Dickerson. I have a picture but it isn't working. I think I will just send the whole memory card and you can send it back the next day. I love all of you guys. The package was awesome and my whole district loved it. Also, my district are all native speakers expect for 2 who have been study abroad and took BYU classes for Spanish. So I am getting frustrarted at times but it is okay. I understand about 90% of it, but when I want to say somethin it is frustrating because I can't say what I want. My comp is from Logan Utah, he is pretty cool and we get along. I got to go, but thanks for everything!! love all of you. Thanks for all the support. Love the letters and packages!
Elder Clayton

Pretty tight living arrangements
His companion Elder Soto
Elder Castillo from school his good friend
Elder Justin Ward another good friend from WX 
The famous picture everyone takes
Taking a picture with Sister O'Leary his good buddy and friend whom he shared his farewell with,  one in the yellow skirt

Sister in the middle is the sister that is from San Pedro Sula  and was in the church where Bridger served.  The same church that was robbed when Bridger was there.
This Elder is from the same area where our Bishop is from and has been to Lake Powell with him, the world is so small.

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