Caught on the Streets of Monterrey

Caught on the Streets of Monterrey
Watching...always Watching!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Laughing in the Rain & Baptisms in Vegas

Having Elder Clayton in Vegas is awesome.  There are people that see him and report back quite often. I know that he wants to head to his "real" area, but, I haven't minded having him there either.  Here is one such time.  Love these.  It's times like these that I know my Father in Heaven is ever so mindful of him, but of me and of my heart.  And that these tender mercies are evidence that He is watching over him each and every day and every thing is just as it should be.

 Mom, I don't have much more time, but I wanted to say thanks for the packages, they just came in! and about the video consenting to searches. that is funny. also, the high school friend! she lives in Michigan and is moving to Vegas, her husband fixes all of the bikes in the mission and we went to visit him and started talking then I told him I was from bountiful, and he said his wife graduated 1983 and worked at Winegars! I told him my mom worked at Winegars! Then he called her and he asked if she knew a Tammy Burningham, and over the phone she was like "yeah I do, her son is in Vegas" then her husband was like "her son is in our living room" haha so funny. It really does all come back and it pays to be nice to everyone. thanks for that example. love you mom
Elder Clayton

Here's something fun. Check out these pictures and the rest is in the written words:  

I put this in his pack with this note:

Sent this to Sue. I was almost going to crumple it in your package and then stopped when I saw it was the missionary broad cast. Amazing!!!  Love you pal.

Hello mom!! Actually old news! haha I saw that picture last week on!!! but it was on the youth page where it was! I totally forgot to tell you about it. Good eye though. Even though his hair is a dead give away!
And here's this week's letter looks like he's having great success in Vegas and was able to go to lunch with my friend Trina and her husband Lonny at Cafe Rio which he loves.  Keith and Eileen which he mentions is my friend from work that hit a moose on the way to thier cabin in Flaming Gorge and we went and took a car to them that is who he is referencing in in the first of his email.  Enjoy, always short, but great...

Hola Familia!! 

This week sounded like a wild one for all of you! I hope Eileen and Keith are alright with their truck and everything. They will be in my prayers. Anyways, this was a great week. A lot went on and I will try to tell you all about it. First off, we had the baptism of Alondra! She had heard all of the lessons before us and she had moved and was on date to get baptized, so we got in contact about 2 weeks ago and set the date and it was a success. She is from Veracruz and doesn't speak very much English, she has friends in the ward so she will fit right in. On Friday and yesterday it rained!! You wouldn't believe how hard it rained! and for like 5 minutes. It almost felt like steam because of how hot the pavement was when the rain fell. but that was fun to see. Also the roads turn into rivers when it rains! We have a recent convert we work with named Carlos, he is so tight. He is from Havana, Cuba! I really think he was in the mafia or something in los ochentas. pero no se. He actually gave me a pocket knife the other day as a gift! He really is so nice and he is fun to talk with. On Saturday Trina took us to Cafe Rio! It was funny to be back at cafe rio, reminded me of home! It was so nice of her and Lonny to take us there. Oh and the 4th of July! We hung out with two families, they were both lots of fun. I guess the thing to do here in Vegas is to "Go to the Rez and get the good stuff" so we had a good time with crazy fireworks from outside of town. People here in Vegas know how to have fun haha. I am glad Caleb and Dad had a good birthday. I am having a good time and miss all of you! Love you! 

Elder Clayton

Baptism of Kim
Kim & Aljondro

Oh how I miss his smile and I can almost hear his laugh...almost!  But he looks so happy!  Can't ask for more than that!!!

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