Caught on the Streets of Monterrey

Caught on the Streets of Monterrey
Watching...always Watching!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

He's in the Mexico Monterrey West Mission...Finally

Well, he's there!  Monday morning we got the call.  He was in the Las Vegas airport.  President Neider took him there.  He was traveling alone which he thought would only be to Dallas Fort Worth Airport where he would meet up with the other missionaries from Provo and then travel with them to Monterrey.  Only to find out that was not the case.  He traveled all the way there alone.  He was a little anxious as he has not really ever been by himself.  He knows he was never really alone, but it made me quite sad as I spoke with him.  He said he was fine, but I could tell he was a little nervous.  He told his dad he got a drink at McDonald's and some fries but wasn't able to eat them.  Not surprised he comes by that quite honestly.  He sounded so good, and he was so ready to go.  Hard to believe we have to remember the sound of his voice until Christmas.  As we watched the clock tick all to quickly the minutes passed and he said goodbye and was on his way.  Later that evening I happened to check my email and was so surprised to see that he had sent a short message to let us know of his safe arrival.  A true tender mercy.  So grateful to a loving mission president who understands that we just want to know that he was indeed there safely, especially as he was traveling alone.  Here it is.  Can't wait to hear from him this week as he gets settled in.  I'm sure it's so different from what he's been used to.  Enjoy, and look forward to pictures and new adventures to come...

Hola Familia! Estoy en Monterrey Nuevo Leon y estoy muy feliz. I had kind of a hectic and crazy day but it is all good now. I am happy to be here and it is going to be awesome, it is really different than Las Vegas, but it is better. Driving to the office was crazy! Such a different country. Just wanted to tell you all I was safe and sound. Thank you for your prayers. Pictures will be coming soon!
Elder Clayton

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