Caught on the Streets of Monterrey

Caught on the Streets of Monterrey
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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Last Week in Vegas...

When we got his email we did not know that this would be his last email from Vegas.  However Carl, his uncle was in Vegas on business and happened to see two elders on Flamingo Street and stopped to talk to them and ask if they knew Elder Clayton.  Which they replied they, did.  And, loved him!  They told Carl that they thought he had gotten word that his Visa had gotten there and he would be leaving the following week.  This was caused a little concern to us as we will be leaving for Quest, our youth conference and will not be able to have phone access from Tues-Fri.  I called the mission office and talked to a sister there who let me know that she would get word to Stetson of our situation and he could contact us as to when he would be leaving.  On Thursday evening we got a text that said he would be calling in an hour.  About 10:00 p.m. he phoned and we were able to talk to him for about 15 minutes to let us know that, yes.  Monday morning he would be leaving Las Vegas and head to his called area:  Mexico Monterrey West.  He is nervous and excited.  He has loved Vegas.  My good friend Trina Fonua took Elder Clayton and his companion to out for pizza and chocolate cake.  She said they will miss him.  They have loved him as he has loved them, too.  They spoiled him.  Her family has certainly been an answer to my prayers.  Here's his last letter from Vegas.  I can only pray that there is a Trina in Monterrey...

It was a great week here in Vegas!! So thanks for the package. It was so awesome! I had bought peanut butter that day haha. so it is funny. I eat peanut butter toast a lot because that Cuban guy gave us a toaster and I love it. it is the simple things I guess! We met this stellar family the other night, my comp started talking to this lady and asked if we could come in and we did, and they had 3 boys! It really reminded me of our family. The kids were the politest kids in the world and spoke crazy proper Spanish. which is hard to find here in Vegas when it comes to ninos. The kids were aged 13 11 and 5, so it was so similar to our family. We are eating with them Friday and have a lesson. I am looking forward to it. Other than that, we had exchanges and all of my food freaking disappeared when I came back home from the elder who took my place. Kind of dumb but good thing it is pday to day ! I am loving it here in Vegas. oh and ask Bridger about the Honduras experience! Have him re tell it to you all. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers. They are mutual. love you all! Have a great week !
Elder Clayton

Trina took Elder Clayton and his family out for pizza, chocolate cake and ice cream for his going away party.  Her girls asked, who orders pizza without cheese?  Elder Clayton does, that's who!  LOL  He has loved it there.  A big piece of his heart will stay there.  Thank you Trina and family for taking care of him while he has served there, he loves you.  And so do I for being his 2nd mom and angel!

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