Caught on the Streets of Monterrey

Caught on the Streets of Monterrey
Watching...always Watching!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

A Short Letter, but Great Pics...

This week I decided to include my email to him, his reply to me was a good one and it only makes sense if my email is included.  I love him and I miss talking him.  He is a good boy and I always liked when he would talk with me.  I am certain he is having good conversations with people in Mexico and helping people make good choices.  

Well, I just was typing you an email, and I lost it. Seriously! Dang, I'm sorry. I hope I remember what I wanted to say. This week wasn't the most exciting one, but it was busy. I worked Monday and Tuesday and then Joe went to Rock Springs and so we were able to kind of play catch up at the office. Those are good days, kind of easy to get things done, then Friday and Saturday it was my 30 year reunion. Friday it was alumni at the North Canyon Park and it was really fun. It was crazy to talk to some of my old friends and see the direction they had gone. So many of them had made such poor choices, several divorces and oh boy, I was so glad I had made the good choices I had, and was the person I was. Saturday night was really fun. I have a good friend who was murdered in Las Vegas and had 4 kids one that was 1 month old and her daughter took the kids and is raising them. We took all the proceeds and gave them to her family. It was a good cause and it was awesome. I can't wait to see how much we collected. It was great.

I told dad as we drove away, i wouldn't trade who I am for anything, I am glad for what I have. I love my life. Today, we had a few people from Quest talk. Dad was one of them. It was a good meeting. I always love these meetings. It is always good to hear how it affects those who were there. And it was great. We sang I Know that my Redeemer Lives. My all time favorite Hymn. It was a good day at church. Tonight the girls are going to Lake Powell. There are 44 people going. 16 LEADERS. I wish I was going,Maybe one day.

Well, as you can see not a great week for much to write, this is my last week of being the Stake Primary President. I will be released on Sunday. It has been a good thing I have learned so much and it will be interesting to see what's next for me. But, onward and upward, right.

I started reading the Book of Mormon again, it takes on a whole new meaning after you come back from Quest, now you see the kids in the roles and it's so awesome. We had our reunion party with our tribe as one of our girls goes home to VA next week. It was so much fun. I will send a couple of pictures to you. one is of the girl going home. She didn't think I could lift here, I told her I workout every day, so seriously, it was not a problem. We had it at Berven's pool.

I love you pal. I am so proud of you. I love the pictures you send home, always with a smile on your face. Remember we are praying for you at home, everyday.

Love and miss you... MOM

Elder Clayton's reply to me:  That sounds like so much fun mom! Choices are what we become. So much truth to that. It will be interesting to see where peope I went to high school with will be. Quest talks sound super good to. your tribe looked pretty fun. you did a great job with primary and I still have pictures of Thomas S Monson, I give them to other missionaries and they love it. I love our family. thanks for doing what is right. The Book of Mormon is amazing too. go look up 2 Nephi 12 :2 and see the first word of moutains? look at the u and then find the T below it and it spells utah! Pretty crazy. Its so hot here somedays and washing clothes by hand takes forever but it is fun. me and my comp workout at night to music so we are staying in shape.
Elder Clayton

His email this week wasn't that long, but his pictures made up for it.  I jokingly said to a friend this week, he could be miserable, but his awesome smile would hide it.  Love him so much and miss him, but he looks so happy.  Enjoy...

Hey everyone. This week was pretty relaxed. I am speaking in church next week! So that will be fun to see how that goes haha. After hearing about the campout I wish I could have gone and the next day we ate bbq. and the ribs were like the ribs we always eat at the campout funny huh? on Wednesday we had divisions, I went to another area close to Monterrey. I was on a bus for 3 hours there and 3 hours the next day. So didn't get much done there. The next day we hit up El Pollo Loco and that was super good. It is better in Mexico than in the states. Also, we have been fasting for two people. They are spouses to actives. and if they get baptized it would be another complete family coming to church. So we are looking forward to see how we can work with them. I am loving it though. I don't have much time but Love you all!
 ---Elder Clayton

 President & Sister Swap with Elder Clayton
Looks like things are not too bad!

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