Caught on the Streets of Monterrey

Caught on the Streets of Monterrey
Watching...always Watching!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Gagging Down Sardines & Biking to Church

I wish every week we were able to get two emails so quickly.  But, we won't be able to, however we will enjoy and cherish this one.  He sounds so good and looks even better.  Doing the wash in a bucket with a smile on his face tells us that he is loving every minute of what he is doing. He was so worried about what he was going to eat wherever he was sent, but it's funny to see that even though they are not his favorite he is being blessed and able to get whatever it is down, and laugh about it after words.


Hello Family! Looks like the neighborhood campout was pretty fun. It is always a good time up there. Any funny stories that happened? Quest looked pretty fun too! So we went to the temple Wednesday so out pday was changed just for that week. I haven't had a normal pday in a while! So it has been going well here in Sabinas and I wanted to tell you all about what we usually eat here. So on Saturday we eat with a really cool member and she always feeds us amazing food. She took us to this restaurant and we had Carne Asada!! It was so good. and there was a ton of it! It is pretty much steak. but we eat it with salsa, tortillas and of course a coke! You can drink the water in Monterrey, but cant really up here. but people still give it to us to drink. Bottoms up. right? So that was Saturday, then yesterday, so we biked 2 miles  in the morning to try and invite a family to church that we had talked to on Thursday and they said they would go. So we get up bike, and they aren't home! Probably sleeping but whatever, so we bike to church and we are a couple minutes late and it starts. It was a good week with about 20 people there. Then after, we broke our fast with some Chokis. Super good cookies just like Chips ahoy and biked to lunch. We only have one meal a day. its at 2:00 with members. So we bike over there to eat with this family who hasn't been to church in like 7 weeks. They forgot that we were eating with them. So the lady was like Oh Yeah! I can make something really quick. So shes in the kitchen and she asks if we are allergic to fish...haha ah freak. So she brings it out and its Sardines! then the rice and beans have been cooked in sardine oil. ah man. it was hard to eat. I gagged like the whole time. hahah It was all good though. And now it is Pday, we are washing our clothes and going shopping after this. We have district meeting tomorrow so we take a bus into the city, which is always a good time because we can watch a movie!! Well, that's about it. I will try and get pictures next week. Love and miss you all!!

 Elder Clayton and his district at the Monterrey Temple
Doing his laundry, and still with his awesome smile.  Oh, how I miss him...still!

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