Caught on the Streets of Monterrey

Caught on the Streets of Monterrey
Watching...always Watching!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Super Bowl Sunday in Monterrey & Teaching a Sister to Pray

He is having great success with a sister that he is reacquainted with and their investigator is a great member missionary already and not even baptized.  He sounds so great and he loves his companion.  He is living with two other elders which means there is four total in the their apartment and they all get along very well.  As you will see in the pictures he looks so happy.  This week actually tomorrow is his 20th b-day.  I am so hoping his package gets there.  I have tracked it and it says it's there, but you never know.  I have been praying that it does, but tomorrow is pday and hopefully my prayers will be answered and they will know that it is b-day and the package will get there and someone will help him celebrate.  Enjoy, you can here how happy he is in the email.  Love him so much.  It's a good one...

Hey Family!! So our Zone leaders changed our pday back to Monday with short notice so yeah, I don't have too many photos, but from Wednesday to today has been really good. On Thursday Elder Gomez had to go to immigration! So I just stayed in the offices and talked with a sister who is now in my first area and she told me that they all still talk about me and miss me! Made my day haha. I don’t know why, but the first area in your mission always has that special place in your heart. On Friday we went back to the offices for a capatacion. We practiced teaching lessons to investigators (other missionaries with roles) it was pretty good and always a good refresher to remember the little things when ensenando! Oh and we found a family of 3 boys! Whenever we find a family with 3 boys I instantly think of my family. Oh and my comp right now, has 2 brothers too. So its sick. He says whats up and loves you all! On Saturday, the two teams here in Monterrey, los tigers y los rayados, played! So there were a ton of parties and lots of craziness going on, but we had a super tight lesson with Lupita! She has been an investigator that I contacted a while ago, but its super cool because we have taught her how to pray, and well she is catholic, so when you enter her house she has a million San Judas Tadeo statues, if you don’t know him, google him. He is more famous than Jesus here in Mexico haha. But she prays to her imagens first, then prays how we have taught her and she told us she feels mas tranquil when she prays how we taught her. It feels good to teach someone something they have never done before, something like a prayer. It’s the small things. Oh and our Investigator Jose Maria, doing awesome. He hasn’t drank in 3 weeks and took us to church this week and is helping us testify to other investigators!!! He isn’t even a member yet, and he is a missionary! Freaking cool haha. Other than that, that was my well half week! Love you all!!! 

Elder Clayton

 Good friends from his past areas
 Huge burritos, they look so yummy
At the mall, looks just like home.
Here's some back and forth from he and I:

On Sun, Feb 2, 2014 at 10:19 PM, <> wrote:
Well Hello Pal!  How you doing this week.  This week was a crazy busy one for me.  I had several camp meetings.  Even with it being not until the end of June we had the big kick off meeting where all the wards came with their camp directors and assignments were given.  It was good to have over but it was a big assignment to get it all ready.  Each ward was to come and decide what animal they wanted to be and we did it as a draft pick.  The ward that was there first got the first pick of animal and so Joanie was there very first.  It was so funny, we said that she was going to sleep over to get our first choice.  So, our ward will be Tigers.  I can't believe how much work is involved in this task.  I did this before, but for some reason it seems so much bigger.  I have been praying so hard it all comes together.  I have this book called Stand a Little Taller by President Hinckley that has a thought everyday by the calendar.  I started reading it on January 1st and everyday I turn the page and read what the thought of the day is.  It was so great on your 8th month mark the thought was Conversion, it was all about missionary work.  Then the next day it was about having courage and being valiant.  That was the day of my big meeting.  The theme for our camp is Be B.R.A.V.E. and brave stands for boldly righteous and valiant everyday so I thought how ironic it was that the thoughts of the day went so well with your 8th month mark and then the theme.  I know how many times Heavenly Father sends so many tender mercies in our behalf.  I was so nervous about the meeting and then it all turned out so well.  It's going to be so much work, but in the long run if we can help a few of these young women stay focused and keep true to who they are, it will all be worth it. Many times they say if you save one girl you save generations and that is such a true statement. 

How is your investigator doing?  Remember when I told you how sometimes even if the one soul you may convert just may be your own.  That still is so true.  I love that he is trying so hard to change his life.  Can you even imagine living that many years and not having the direction that you have had in yours.  Kind of sad, right?  So glad you are there to help these people find their way back to what is right.

On a totally different track today, it was the Super Bowl.  It was a total bust.  The Seahawks dominated.  I'm not sure Denver even had a chance.  Denver finally scored in the last quarter so it was a blowout, but honestly, it wasn't much of a game.  We didn't even have a get together.  No one really wanted to.  Which was fine.  I think it wasn't really anyone's favorite teams and so we all did our own thing.

Well, I'm going to go finish the dishes and get ready for the week ahead.  I hope you have a great week.  You said you were going hiking, I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time.  I love you pal, I sent your b-day package just a few days prior to the last email, so I bet you won't get it until a few days before your birthday.  I'm most certain it will make it there in time.  I pray that it does.  You look like things are going great, and you're doing good things there. 

You're a good missionary and are doing good things for those people there, making them see that they are children of a loving Father in Heaven who has sent a Savior to show them way to return to home.  Have a wonderful week and can't wait to hear from you on Wednesday.

Love you,  MOM

hey mom! Just read your letter. Yeah I saw part of the Superbowl! just a few minutes haha but its a game like that. Yeah we defintley live in zion with callings and how everything is organized like that. here, you cant even call someone to organize a little ward party. but its all good, I am loving it. my kid and I are working hard and really helping this little ward out! Is Caleb and Bridger still alive?? Freak man. I know Bridger has school and work but so did I ! hahah its all good though. thanks for the packages! My bday is next week! 
On Mon, Feb 3, 2014 at 4:50 PM, <> wrote:

Be surprised, but both of them wrote you a letter in your b-day box.  I will tell them you wondered if they are upright and breathing.  Know that they pray for you everyday...especially Caleb.  He loves you so much and I know he misses you.  Even the throw downs and the stop resisting...ha-ha.

haha I know they are alive I just want to hear from them. I don't care, just the smallest little things in their lives or how their week went. But thanks mom. Love you so much. How is the Orchard 5th ward? When is camp? 
Orchard 5th is great.  Dad is doing a super job with the cleaning of the building.  It's not the best job, be "we" are making the most of it.  Camp is the last week of June.  June 30- July 3.  Which is really hard because I will be there when Caleb turns 16.  I'm having a really hard time with this one.  I have never missed any of your b-days and this one is a big one.  I will totally make it up to him, but this one is HUGE!!!

Then Dad turns 50 on the 5th and I wanted to do a BIG thing for him, too.  Holy cow, I'm swamped.  I hope I can fit it all in.  Otherwise, things are good.  Oh, by the way, Zeus died yesterday.  That was sad, he is the cul-de-sac mascot.

And it is Zach's farewell on Sunday, he will do awesome.  I told everyone we should have red rubies and put them on our foreheads after the sacrament.  Funny, right?  Can't decide if it would be disrespectful.


Gotta go mom, love you...

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