Caught on the Streets of Monterrey

Caught on the Streets of Monterrey
Watching...always Watching!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Best Week of His Mission, at least, so far...

This is a good one. As you will see finally efforts are rewarded. And he let his trainee, Elder Gomez baptize him. What a stud. Love this boy. Was able to chat back and forth and I could feel and hear the joy in his words. He is loving it so much and was able to shake Elder Oaks hand too, bonus. I also received an email from his companion thanking us for sending him on a mission. They truly were meant to serve together. Read on. You're going to love this one...

Subject: Best Week Ever
Hello Clayton family!! So this week was super sweeet. On Monday, after we had written we had a noche de hogar with a family and our investigator. It went super well and he bore his testimony of the restauracion. On Tuesday, we had a zone meeting and I got my package!!! I opened it up at the house and loved everything inside it. The best parts were the letters from Bridger and Caleb, the letter from Caleb made me laugh alot. The cookies and the peanut butter were the best part though. So thank you for everything!! On Friday, we had a Noche De barrio, and we had an activity at the church with a lot of success!! We had 5 investigators show up and three less active families show up. We had a lot of work!!! but it felt good. I am loving my comp, Elder Gomez, he is like a brother to me. We work hard and have a good time. I have learned alot from him and everyday is fun with him. On Saturday, Elder Oaks came and visited our mission!! It was super cool and he spoke about loving our companions and always inviting people to come to Christ. Just like our convert, this week. We contacted him drinking, in one month, he is a new man. On Sunday we had stake conference and our baptism!! It was awesome, oh except that on Saturday, no one had freaking keys to the pila, so we cleaned it Sunday really fast and filled it up during the meeting. We had a 70, Elder Hoyos, who talked about the history of Monterrey and the church. Then we had the baptism. Right after, Jose Maria told us (ahora yo siento como una oveja en el redil) it was really spiritual and everything went fine. I am grateful for all of the prayers and support for him. I know there are people that are ready to hear this gospel and are just waiting for someone to say something to them. So this week has been pretty much the best week of my mission yet!
Love you all!! Thank you for everything! 

Elder Claytonimage.jpeg
  Here's some more conversation I had with him, and more pics.  This was an awesome week.  He sent so many,  He got his package and you can hear in his written words, life is going great.  Love him so much.

I received a bonus email from his companion Elder Gomez.  It was quite ironic how right before that Stetson had just said how much he loves him and how much they are like brothers.  Then this popped in:

 Hello Sister Clayton this is Elder Gomez, i just wanna say thanks for your son, i couldnt ask for a better father, its a blessing being with him, i can imagine now the kind of fathers he has, were taking care of each other and i promess nothing will happend to him, your family is always in my prayers and when we end our mission i would like to visit you, if you need something just ask, i may not know you but I love you all and all of you are part of my family now bye<3

I hurried and replied to let him know, that he is already part of ours, too.  

 Baptism of Jose Maria

 Doing his laundry, look how white that shirt is.  Amazing!

Already a member missionary.  In the home of less actives inviting them back to church.

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