Caught on the Streets of Monterrey

Caught on the Streets of Monterrey
Watching...always Watching!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Finally, a Golden Contact

He is loving his area and companion.  He was able to be on with me and I had gotten peach roses for Abby for her b-day and had a great visit with her.  (Abby is his friend since 8th grade) he had asked me to send an oil container in his b-day package.  I had already sent his package at the writing of this email, and low and behold I had sent two.  Tender mercies are amazing and they always seem to work out just when you need them to.  He is doing so great.  Thank you for following his journey, he and we appreciate it so much.  He will be having a b-day soon, and I sent a package to him.  I am hopeful he will get it soon, before his bday on the 10th.  It all takes faith...

Hola Familia! This week was super sick! So first of all, I want to tell you about our super solid investigator, Jose. he is super smart and is progressing really well. He has had a pretty crazy life and he has come to the point where he wants to change. It was a blessing to meet him. He showed up early to church on Sunday and was answering questions in priesthood just like a member! jaja so sick! Our ward is kind of hard, I don't know if I have been blessed or punished to have hard areas but I love it. Our bishop didn't show up until 10, and none of the bishopric until 915 then we started and of course asked us missionaries to speak. Its all good though, I love my area and the people in it. Oh freak and Saturday something kind of bad happened, there is a family that was recently reactivated and are going but still need to have a more solid testimony. The dad, is super funny and is a cool guy, has a little problem with drinking, but we are working with him.  Other than that, this week was sweet. I love our house, its a ton of fun with 3 elders haha. we cook together and there are no problems between us. It is fun and my comp is super tight. Favorite comp so far. Love you all!! 

Elder Clayton

All the missionaries who live in the same apartment together, they have a great time.
 In the morning there is ice on the grass, says it's cold there.
 La progreso - where he is living at the present time
This is his solid investigator with the suit and tie.  He says he is so strong.  We are praying all goes well and he will be baptized soon

 This guy is a wrestler and is great fun, he says and "yes" I have a hole in my pants.
This is another of their investigators who told them his name was Jose Smith at first.

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