Caught on the Streets of Monterrey

Caught on the Streets of Monterrey
Watching...always Watching!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Another Baptism and Feeling Like Time is Running Out...

Elder Gomez and Stetson have been together for quite awhile and he feels as if a change is coming, which makes him sad.  However, they are such a dynamic duo and having such great success.  Wayne was able to chat with him, and Elder Gomez' dad sent Stetson a letter thanking him for the blessing he was as his trainer for his son.  He said they are like the sons of Mosiah and although they may be separated they will reunite one day and always be friends.  I am most certain he is correct.

Hola family! Elder Gomez and I had a pretty good week, since Wednesday, we have had a great time. On Friday, I did divisions with my zone leader, I left the area and went to San Pedro. It was pretty sweet! We walked alot, and they have hills! There are some areas here in Monterrey that have super steep streets! because my area right now is really flat. but I had a good time and I learned a lot. On Saturday, we had a noche de hogar or family night with our investigators. we had descada! Which is super goood. Its cooked over a fire, and has meat, onions, chile, tomatoes, salchica and all cooked together. and dont forget the tortillas. Classic Monterrey cooking. It was good and we had a good time. On Sunday, we had a lot of success as many of our less active families we are working with came and our investigators. Our convert, Jose Maria is so bomb, he is our taxi for picking up investigators. So that was good. Later in the day, we had a baptism, baptism of Cristina, her mom is less active, now she is going, and we didn't know, but found out about 3 weeks ago that Cristina wasnt a member. It was a good baptism, but we didn't have much support from the ward. We notified everyone a week in advance and the bishop forgot to come! but that support we did have was enough and we are thankful for that. Today we relaxed because the past few days we have been super busy. Today we went to that buffet that is super good. A hermana gave us money one day for food and we fasted and saved up the money for today! So overall, it was a great week. Glad to hear everyone is okay! Love you all!
Famila Sena, we have reactivated them as well. They are a great family, but have always been active and inactive. They have their oldest son in Rehab, who used to drink with Jose Maria, who we baptized! So when he gets out, he is coming back to church.

And Karla, we have known her for a while, now she has two times in the church and has a pretty strong testimony of the gospel.

This is that one crazy guy, but he is a good guy. This is his wife and kids. The last time his wife came to church was 2011. The day of her confirmation!! now they have two weeks coming! Sweeet huh? 

Cristina's Baptism

 Member from Sabinas, she told them they miss him.  I'm not surprised.

This is where they get their hair cut, a bit different from home.

Here's a few things I wrote back and forth to him:

Hello mom! yeah it was fun to chat with you on Wednesday! man that is hard for Joan! once a month or more. that is pretty crazy, but its all good. haha thats funny about marc too. there are so many less actives here. and that's funny you talked about when i used to do that with the Donny Osmond play!! I though about that Friday. I was with another elder in San Pedro on divisions and we contacted a family, and we watched this little girl singing, and if anyone was talking she would stop! Just like I did, so it made me think of that. how funny! ah man I miss Scotty! Tell him or Bridger to tell him my kid is from the Dominican Republic and he is way tight. He is a good Elder and I love every day with him. i haven't had one boring day with him! he is always singing or talking to me haha.

love you so much mom! have an excellent day and love you so much. tell caleb and bridger I love them and give them a hug for me. Tell everyone hi for me too! 

Here is an email I received from Elder Gomez.  I sure love him.  
Hello Sister Clayton, maybe my father already told you we had a baptism but YEAHHH MITRAS IS RISING and its all because of our companionship, we are one voice as it says in DyC and we always try to preach with the spirit, im kind of sad cause this change is almost over and were gonna separate but my heart will always be with this family, I really hope that someday i could visit you and when you can Philippians 1 from 3 to 11, we were 28 when i came and now were 63 so its all in our desire to work sister, take care les amo familia<3

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