Caught on the Streets of Monterrey

Caught on the Streets of Monterrey
Watching...always Watching!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Training Two...and Loving Every Minute of It!

This email is a great one with the news of him training an additional elder.  Two "greenies" is quite unique.  When I have mentioned it to some being a trainer with only at the time six months into his mission was awesome.  Now training two is so great.  I know that these elders are being taught by the best.  Stetson was so prepared to go and now is teaching them how to be while out there in the heart of the mission.  We are so proud of him and can see what a leader he is becoming.  Read on, it's another great one...
Hello everyone! So on Monday night we had changes!! The two other elders left! Elder Gomez and I were sad, but its all good. So where all the Elders meet, its at a Bus Station in Monterrey, and our one companion left a spare backpack at the house! So on Tuesday morning, they left and we found it and went to give it to him. Oh and its in our area, so we had all the right to be there. So we are talking to different missionaries and our Zone leaders were mad that we were there talking and not studying like we should have been haha. And in that moment our Zone leader got a call from President for Clayton and Gomez to go to the offices to pick up a new missionary!! in the mission when there are emergencies, there are Camibo chicos or Cambio Locos. So we were right were we needed to be! How funny right? so we got in a taxi and went to the office and picked up Elder Beteta from Guatemala! So we were in a trio for a week but tomorrow he will get his own companion. It was a different week, a trio is hard haha. To teach and everything, Elder Gomez and I get along well and have jokes and all that, but we all got along for the short time we were together. Yesterday, we confirmed Jose Maria to be the newest member in the barrio de Mitras! He is a future leader and is already helping us pick up investigators and work with us. He is a really good man that we found in just the right time. I am thankful for the power of pray and what it can do. I have seen miracles in my time here. This area is pretty hard, the ward has many challenges, but we still baptized and had success. I will stay another change here in Mitras to be here for 4 months just like my last area.  Love you all and tell Elder Peterson hello for me! 

Elder Clayton

He also wrote me a personal message which I will include.  I actually wasn't sad that he had not remembered that it was my b-day.  You want them to lose themselves while out there, and as you can see he has done just that.  Well done pal...

Hello mom!! I completely forgot to tell you Happy Birthday. I am so sorry. So, Happy Late Birthday! Mindy Clark, well now Jones wrote me an amazing email. Tell her thank you from me. really, it made my day. Tell Cindy and Kim I got their Christmas cards! what did our Christmas cards look like this last year? oh and that's cool you taught that class.  6 weeks is a lot, but you would be the one in the stake to teach it! that's so cool. this week was pretty hard in our trio, but it was good! I will write more in my letter. love you mom! 

 Elders Clayton, Beteta, and Gomez

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