Caught on the Streets of Monterrey

Caught on the Streets of Monterrey
Watching...always Watching!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

More Investigators, & Another New Companion Coming Soon

 This week has seen lots of people doing the ALS ice bucket challenge so we sent my video to Stetson, that is why he starts his email with it him saying it looks very cold and welcoming.  Can't wait to hear who his new comp will be.  However, we sent him a just because package and I am grateful he will be staying a bit longer as it is filled with things for these people he has grown to love.  So, now with him most likely staying here a bit longer, it will get to them.  He also sent the most fun picture of all.  The Google car went by and captured them on the street.  It is amazing to see them in action.  I said it's like that famous line in Monster's Inc, I'm Watching, always Watching.  

Isn't this amazing?  It's like we can almost "see" him!

Wow the ice challenge looks pretty cold! I would love that here where it is super hot and we are sweating all day. This week was an awesome week and Elder Clements and I had 8 investigatores in the church! We had 5 new people, I am working on photos right now, elder clements is sending me them from his camera because I forgot my usb. Oh and we just got news that Elder Clements will be leaving for the offices to be Secretario de Finanzas!! So I will be in this area just a little bit longer, but its good here. I know just about everyone, so it feels like home. It will be hard to leave here, but Elder Clements has been a good companion, and he will do good in the offices. I love him, and I will miss him. So I asked Presidente Swapp who would be my new comp, and he still doesnt know! So next week I will have that news. Oh so this week is going to be super sweet, Elder Valenzuela, a 70 will be coming, and on saturday we are going to the temple with Jose Manuel and his family because his mom will be going through the temple. So yesterday, Carmen and Jose Guadalupe came to church. She has cancer, and wants to be closer to God. She is a very sincere investigator, and she loves when we visits. Get this, she used to be the equivalent to a seminary teacher but in the catholic church, but she accepts everything we tell her and we are working on a fecha with her. Right now we have many invesigatores and life is good. I am a little nervous to who President sends, but it will be good. Hasta luego!
love you all.

Elder Clayton
  Jose Guadalupe and Carmen
  Aisa y Mauricio

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