Caught on the Streets of Monterrey

Caught on the Streets of Monterrey
Watching...always Watching!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Learning to Pray for his Friends & Sacrifice Brings for Blessings and Humility

This week's email was short and no pictures which we are not used to.  He was unable to get his funds from his account, and his week was harder than he has had.  He is not one to complain, or seem discouraged and so I was sad to not be able to chat with him much.  I did send a couple of emails letting him know that of course we would continue to pray for his investigators and members like I have always done.  However, sometimes it seems Satan works so hard to get these people to not understand or commit, and it is like he is working overtime right now on some of these.  I know it is extremely hard on him as he has grown to care so deeply for Jose Manuel.  As I pray each night I ask for our Father's spirit to be with him and that he is at peace.  I am certain that with his membership in the gospel, this will bring so much joy to him and has.  I am so grateful Stetson is there for him.  Oh, I hope he gets his money soon.  He has never been without, however, sometimes, sacrifice brings forth more blessings and understanding.  Even from those of us just watching and waiting to hear the outcome.  Love him so much.  Thanks for following his journey and for the prayers in his behalf it is always appreciated and felt by all of us...
Hey this week was pretty rough haha. My comp left Monday evening. I slept with other elders Tuesday and got my comp who is a joven and is getting ready for the mission, but this week was hard because not just one thing but multiple things just sucked. Jose Manuel, is in the hospital, and isnt doing very well. Our one eternal investigators who I love, their husbands dont want us visiting any more. Oh and I didn't have any money for 4 days! because we had to take taxi to the offices and back and we live super far away and I had to pay the light bill. so on Friday I went to take money out from my church card and the rent for the house and it was about 200 dollars and it went through, the transaction but there was no money! and on the screen came up as error, so I tried the next day and there was nothing in my account. so i lost like $200, but it was the machines error and the secretaries, well elder clements is working on that. so I had to take money out again, I am sorry, but I didn't have much and I don't know when my money from the church is going to come again. so its been hard, but I am doing well! I hope the package comes that will make me happy! haha love you! 

Elder Clayton

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