Caught on the Streets of Monterrey

Caught on the Streets of Monterrey
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Sunday, October 5, 2014

New area & Loving it just like Always

Looks like he is liking his new area and finding people to teach.  I love how it doesn't take him long to readjust and get to work, thank heavens for that.  I had to laugh at the picture of the bbq.  He was always so concerned about going to a place that he would not be able to find anything he could eat, this doesn't look like he is struggling, at all.  Thanks for all the support and asking how he is doing.  I cannot tell you how much this means to me.  Funny how he says in this email that he missed us this week, I think that is the only time he has ever mentioned that.  I never tell him that although, you all know that I do.  I guess once in awhile he does think about home.  Enjoy...

Hola Clayton fam, I was glad to see that Woods Cross could beat bountiful!! Que bueno y por fin que tenemos exito! This week was a great week, Elder Wells and I are working hard to get the zone excited to find new people and to get the work going. In our zone there are 6 in training, so its a very young zone. Its a lot of fun, today we played soccer and basketball with one district and then later had a carne asada with a member here in our ward. The members are wonderful to us in this area, there are 6 just in this ward and its awesome. The class of Gospel Principles is full and its an amazing ward. Where we ate yesterday, the hermano actually lived in Bountiful for about 6 months in 2011! Super small world, so we talked about North Salt lake and bountiful for a little bit as we ate ribs haha. They are too good to us. My comp, Elder Wells, is an excellente Elder and we are working super hard to find new people. We should be having a baptism this Sunday if everything goes well! His name is Paul, and he really is just struggling, we are helping him to find work to get back on his feet. Its hard, and makes me feel bad when people struggle, so I like to help people like him. He is praying and really has found peace by going to the church. We are lining up the baptisms, by finding new people right now. I love you all, and missed all of you this last week. Tell Grandpa Dave happy birthday and I think about his hotcakes often! And funny thing, they call pancakes, hotcakes here!! cool huh? Love you all!! Love the work!

Elder Clayton
  This is anita, a little girl who is a member here in Huasteca
This was the last time with Elder Astudillo!! He went home to Tijuana last week!

 Doesn't look like the just eat rice and beans!

About the same time as all the other 'Elder Clayton' pictures we have!

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