Caught on the Streets of Monterrey

Caught on the Streets of Monterrey
Watching...always Watching!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Staying "Home" for the Holidays, and their Zone is #1

Looks like he's staying "home" for Christmas. Didn't get any pictures this week, however last week got 14.  So, I can't complain.  He loves his area, district, zone and most importantly the people. So he is so excited to be here for the holidays. Just 9 days and we get to talk to him. To say I'm excited is definitely an understatement. Enjoy...
Hola Familia Clayton! Well the change has ended here in the mission! Presidente has changed how the transfers work, in the past we found out Monday night and changes are Tuesday morning, but now we found out Sunday and changes are today! So we found out that Elder Brown and I are staying and we are super happy to spend Christmas time here in Huasteca. I would honestly say its one of the best places to be for Christmas! So we are happy, also Huasteca, our zone came out to be number one in the mission! We were very happy and proud of the zone and the work they did this last change. We have 8 new Elders coming into the zone, who have some time in the mission so we are excited to have experience in the zone. Yesterday we went to the Devotional de Navidad, I liked it a lot, and this next week there will be a program at the temple, we are all excited for. We had two new investigators that came to church yesterday, and they loved it. They are named Berenice and Karla, its funny how we found them. We went to a house and weren't there, and right next door, there was someone screaming at what we thought were kids, but just screaming and yelling, and I told my comp, we gotta contact this person! haha I like talking to everyone and getting to know them, and my comp jokingly said, I am scared to contact this person because they were yelling so loud, so we contacted the house and the nicest lady came out! Turns out she was yelling at her dog! We are quick to judge, and turns out she has a friend that was a missionary in of all places Honduras, but in Tegucigalpa. She is super nice, and recognizes the spirit and loved the church yesterday. Our first lesson we asked her what she was looking for in life and she said peace, and she told us that she has found a lot of peace from our visits and by praying and reading, for sure an escogida. I love the work, and finding the people that are ready. This week that comes up is semana 1!! We will be working hard and sharing with everyone la Dadiva. love you all!! Feliz Navidad.

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