Caught on the Streets of Monterrey

Caught on the Streets of Monterrey
Watching...always Watching!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Stake Conference, Thanksgiving & Seeing Old Friends

Oh how I love when we get great emails and LOTS of pictures.  This was a bonus week.  I was able to be on with him and he chatted about Thanksgiving and how time is going too quickly for him.  He is so happy and they are seeing so many miracles and lives changing.  I love reading how he recognizes the Lord's hand in their lives and his own.  I remember thinking on Thanksgiving and saying a small prayer in my heart hoping he might have something good to eat.  With so many Americans where he was I was very hopeful that it would happen.  It sure did.  They were well feed.  We talked to Bridger about his Thanksgivings in Honduras, rice and beans for sure.  This Elder has been well taken care so many ways.  Enjoy...
Hello Clayton fam! This week was so sick! First off, let me tell you that yesterday was stake conference and it was awesome. President Swapp and Hermana Swapp came and talked about the Christmas campaign the church is doing, its going to be really big and everyone is really excited! After Stake conference, I went to go see the Familia Briones, the dad and teenager, Joel and Joel were all there and so was Elder Gomez, he had a surprise for us and he told us that he had been preparing to receive the Melquesidec priesthood!! I was so pumped. Elder Gomez confirmed him an Elder and the whole family was way happy. Elder Gomez and I felt very thankful to the Lord and the opportunity we had to baptize Joel and Joel and 8 months from the baptism date give him the mayor sacerdocio. Super cool. Also, I saw the Hermana Catalina!! She was very excited to see me, she is doing well and she thanked me for being there in a time of need in her life. When I think of it all, it was just a miracle how we found Jose Manuel and helped him and his family. It gives me the testimony that God really does have a way of things, and he uses very small mediums to effect much larger things. Just like it says in the Book of Mormon in Alma 37. Its all true, it has been more than a blessing to be an instrument in his hands to help his children here in Monterrey. Also this week, we had a baptism of Armando, and we have his son, Gilberto scheduled this next week! We are hoping that he decides to baptism, he just has some small doubts but we are willing to help him. Oh and thanksgiving we ate Turkey dinner with the convert of Elder Brown who is helping us divorce a guy so that he can get married, here in Mexico there is a way for everything haha. Oh and those burritos..nombre yo andaba bien full. It was a fun week and this week that comes up is going to be great as well! love you all!!
Elder Clayton

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