Caught on the Streets of Monterrey

Caught on the Streets of Monterrey
Watching...always Watching!

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Feliz Navidad & the Phone Call

This week was more of just conversation back and forth, and arranging our phone call.  So excited to talk with him.

Mom:  Your packages??? I'm so hoping you had gifts at the party. Spoke with Elder Brown's mom yesterday and that guy is not going to Mexico for a little bit. Says the borders are closed. So his Christmas is still here with them. I told her I sent enough for the both of you...that is if you got it!!!ok thanks!

Elder Clayton:  It still isnt here, we are going to the offices friday, I bet they will be there then! its all good thouhg! thats cool you talked with his mom

Mom:  So nothing??? I sent two and the ward sent one, too. On my heart is so sad!!! I'm so sorry pal. I sent them in plenty of time and I tracked them. Cleared customs December 15 was the 2nd one. Bummer!

Elder Clayton:  Its all good! So I have three coming! that is crazy! I am sure they will get here, it is always slowed down right now at this time of year. how is Caleb and Bridger? what are they getting for Christmas??

Mom:  A year membership to planet fitness. Don't tell them. Ha ha. The usual after that a new hoodie underarmour one so you can have yours back. I am going to tell you there are thermal garments in both boxes. Some for you and two pair for Elder Gomez. Just so you know. Is it still cold? So you can use them.

Elder Clayton:   It isnt cold right now, but it will get cold in january, its not cold to you guys, but to me it is! it gets pretty cold here though, when it rains as well.
 Having a carne asada behind the house with our ghetto grill! 
This is our investigator Omar and --

We went to a birthday party and this guy was here, I guess he is famous here in Mexico! every mexican we have asked, knows him! haha he sang with a group at a birthday party of a member
 These are the 6 elders in huasteca, we all ate together this day and the hermana,
who is a convert gave us stockings!
Oh and Elder Biggs goes home in 6 days!
This was truly my favorite gift of Christmas.  This totally captures his laugh and smile and what I miss the most.  He sounded so great and it was awesome to hear him and Bridger talk in Spanish for quite awhile.  He was so happy and although his packages did not get to him he said it was all good.  He was thinking they would all be there on Friday.  I guess he can have Happy New Year gifts!

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