Caught on the Streets of Monterrey

Caught on the Streets of Monterrey
Watching...always Watching!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Listening & Understanding Better in Spanish...his First Language Now

It is apparent that he is very immersed in his work and the language as you read and see that he understands and listens better in Spanish.  Oh, how I love this.  He is doing so well, and getting closer to the end of this journey, and yet I know how hard and sad it will be for him.  Not slowing down and very focused, he is doing super.  You can see as you read this week's email.  It's awesome...

Hola Familia! Well I was very inspired this general conference, I loved it! The first session on Saturday I watched it with some other Elders in English, but it wasn't the same, funny huh? It didn't feel like the talks where getting to me, so then the rest of the sessions I watched it in Spanish and it clicked, funny how that it. I enjoyed all of the talks, I really liked the stories, especially about the seventy who called his sister and she was reactivated because he invited her to watch conference and he related it to the Prodigal son. I liked the classic Jeffery R Holland and the talk of the prophet, it it was very inspiring. This week went by fast, we are trying to look for new people, our converts are doing excellent, still waiting confirmation, but that will be held on this Sunday. A cool experience my companion and I had yesterday, we had talked with about 20 people who didn't want anything, and sometimes it kind of drains you when people don't want anything or you don't see that people are going to progress. So we sat down on a bench in a park and I asked my companion, What does it take to get a new investigator around here?! ha ha because in these last few weeks, we haven't found very many. and my comp suggested a prayer, so we prayed, and after the prayer we contacted 2 more people, nada, then rounded the corner and there was a lady with her little daughter and I decided to talk to her, she was just coming from work, and she was super nice, after getting to know her, she is a widow, she is from Guadalajara and she was very interested in what we had to say. Honestly, after meeting new people like that, you just want to pray again to give thanks to God and sending people like her in our way. We will see her in a few days, and she was very excited. I have a habit to pray for people we come into contact, maybe they will never progress, but we may have an impact on them. Well changes are coming up this next week!! We will see what happens, I now have 5 changes as zone leader, I am thinking I will be made mayor, and I am excited! ha ha  I love you all, I cant believe that I have flight plans, but I am excited and still focused. I don't know why, but I have always had the wish to go to Atlanta, and I will be flying there! Its just a stop, but I cant wait! love you all!

Elder Clayton

 This last week we were walking and I looked down and saw my name on the black part of the box!! I was going to take the part of the box that said my name home when I saw the rest of the box just sitting there. It's funny the little things you see that make your day!

Found this on the wall walking, says a scout is always prepared but in Spanish. actually about a month ago, there was a family walking and they were all dressed up as scouts! Like boy scouts, just like I did, but with different badges, I went to go approach the dad to strike up a conversacion, and he totally ignored me and lead his family away from us haha. It's its what a scout would do, but whatever.  We talk with so many people that don't want anything, but its worth it to find the people that need the message we have.

Went to the temple with Elder Mayo so we heard from him on Wednesday this week.

My conversation with him included this:   wow that is crazy, I am good, just looking at slcc stuff, everything worked out, i have had problems with my feet this last week, I think I got rid of the fungus,but the shoes that i bought weren't that good, so i started to get blisters!! if its not one thing, its another, but its all good. i have one my black shoes from Mr mac, the original. 
I feel like I am new with how my feet feel, its all good I bought some new soles for 2 dollars haah

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