Caught on the Streets of Monterrey

Caught on the Streets of Monterrey
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Saturday, April 4, 2015

We Need the Book of Mormon & Three Baptisms

 This week's email told of the baptism of Sonia, Samantha and Alejandro.  These people that they have been working so hard with and to see their changes is so great.  Stetson had asked me to pray for them individually in my personal prayers.  Which I did each day.  So, exciting to see this happen and know that in someway, I may have helped with their understanding of the importance of this wonderful change in their lives.  We were so excited to know that it happened on Sunday.

Here's his email.  They just keep getting better and better. 

Hello Family! Well I am glad that we had our baptism yesterday! Wow, so many things came up in this baptism, they had to meet with Presidente, but it was all good, and later, well this week on Friday they cut the water for the church! So we were going to baptism in the stake center, but then they fixed it, and we filled up the pila. A lot of events, but everything turned out well! I baptized Samantha, how we found her was a miracle, and just at the right time of coming out of her place to be received by us. The Lord truly prepares the people, its amazing to see how they come prepared to receive the Gospel and to see the true desire and need for the church. Oh and next week we are going to the temple, so I will be writing on Wednesday, hopefully we will be going to Costco again! The Costco trip with the zone was super fun last time. oh and I talked with Elder Gomez about our family in Mitras that are going to be sealed, he said they will have a date really soon, we are excited to see them get sealed. Oh and I read the Book of Mormon another time, finished it just this week, now I am reading the Bible for Easter, man its so interesting how many churches there are and how far they can get from the truth. We talk to people all day that just don't get it haha. We need the book of Mormon, I love the people who are humble and accept the book of Mormon, and understand the need for this book. I look forward to general conference to see what the prophet and apostles say to the world. I love this time! love you all! 

Elder Clayton

This is my third baptism of three people, and one year ago today was the baptism of Joel and Joel in Mitras with Elder Gomez!

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