Caught on the Streets of Monterrey

Caught on the Streets of Monterrey
Watching...always Watching!

Monday, October 14, 2013

General Conference in the Mission Field

This week's email was awesome to hear of what goes on in Monterrey on conference weekend.  He had a bit of a difficult week that ended on a good note, but as you will see, it is the little things that you he has learned to appreciate out there.  As a mom, these are things you wait to hear and what a tender message these were these last two paragraphs were to my heart.  I always miss my boys at conference as they seem so close and yet so far away as they are watching at the same time as we are.  He sent several pictures and by the smile on his face things seem to have worked out just fine.  As for Wayne, he started his meds this week and we will work through this "bump in the road" and life will continue. Having Stetson far away and having to communicate through letters has been such a test of faith on all of us.  But, we are learning that He is ever mindful of all of our lives and we will get through this.  Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers, they are very much felt and appreciated and felt.

Hey family! This week was a little rough, but it is all good now. Conference was sweet! We watched it live at the church and went to the city for priesthood. On Friday night we were in kind of a scary part of our area and in less than 10 minutes I saw three Jazz Jerseys!! haha. I haven't seen one until the other night and saw three. It was funny to see. Another cool thing is we went to visit a hermana who lives super far away. like an hour walk, and we went to see her and she told us that she had prayed that day for more light in her life because she is going through some hard things. That really means something when blessings work out like that. Why? because you are thinking to yourself, Why are we walking an house to go visit this one person? then after the fact it is so clear. I dont know it that makes sense. but yeah. It was cool to see Pres. McConkie speak! My old stake Prez. and Elder Ochoa, who actually came to Sabinas Hidalgo en June because his wife is from here! Everyone in the church cheered when they announced his name. Sunday was a good day, we traveled back to our area and watched conference in Spanish. so I caught some of it, but not all of it. Then we went on divisions with the jovenes in the ward, and that was a lot of fun. They love to go with us and preach. A joven and I almost got attacked by dogs haha. We laughed hard as we ran for our lives from dogs!! It was a good week though. Love you All!

Elder Clayton

Love you too mom! Thanks for the little note. reminds me of the little notes you would give me in my lunches for school. always peanut butter and jam or honey. thanks for being the great mom you are. I didn't appreciate you until I left. that's how it is with most things. but I love you so much. Tell Caleb I love him. Tell him to watch NFL for me!

last thing before I go. I forgot that you had written a note on the picture of us in my photo book and I took it out and looked at it. It made my day. Thanks again. love you mom!

So, those days when I would wonder why in the world I would make him those sandwiches day after day, and maybe with not the best attitude.  I'm so glad I continued to do it, and many days wrote a little note on his napkin.  Or sometimes, just a little smiley face.  Because, today when I received this email, it really paid off, big time.

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