Caught on the Streets of Monterrey

Caught on the Streets of Monterrey
Watching...always Watching!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Best Day in the Mission so Far, and Praying for a Baptism in the River

He sounds so good and as always never complains. I told him I would pray for him to get his goal of a baptism in the river as well. I know the people love them there. I get Instagram pictures often from cute girls who snap pictures of him which I think are funny. But you can see the happiness in the faces of the pictures he sends. He worries about his time growing short as he had been in the area quite awhile. But, as we are well aware he will be just fine were ever he goes.  You will also notice his "Spanglish" is quite evident.  Love that too!  This weeks marks his 5th month.  He is doing well, and I am finalizing his Christmas package.  Anyone wanting to throw in a little note to this fine young man, please get it to me by Friday, he would love it. 

Thanks as always for your love and support as you follow his journey. We all appreciate it. Enjoy...
Sunday was one of the best days of my mission so far! So I am still here In Sabinas Hidalgo, with Elder Randall and we are working so hard. The first part of the week was hard, not much to look forward to, but it got so much better. On Saturday, we went with a member to Villadalma and Bustamante for these famous tacos which were super good! They are two little towns in our area and we went to a cave!! It was super high up and we were in the clouds! The cave was so sweet, then we went back to our area and worked. So Sunday we were giving talks and both of us were just kind of frustrated with well everything. but Sunday was amazing. So we have the help of a hermano in the rama that is helping us reactivate less actives. So we had 53 people show up and the stake president came yesterday to talk about missionary work. So, I gave my talk first, I talked on Christlike Attributes. Humilty Charity and fe en Jesus Christ. It went well, then Elder Randall spoke and burst into tears, and told the rama it needs to change. Its true though. There is a lot of pride here, and rumors and the members just need to keep going forward. Ramas are super hard to work with because they are so small. I have been here for 3 months about and it gets frustrating to see where the fruit of your labors are. but yesterday I realized that my fruit is strengthening this rama and getting it on track to a ward. the stake president spoke on missionary work and it was amazing. He challenged everyone to give a book of Mormon to one person this week. So we went home really fast and brought back 50 Libros!!! So sweet. The rama loves us though. I told the hermano that we are working with that I want to baptize in the river before I go. So one of the rama goals is to help Clayton baptize in the river!!! haha so sick! Oh and after the meeting because it was so good. The Stake Pres called our mission President!!! No manches. it was awesome. So we spoke with President Swapp for a little bit. Then after, we went on divisions with the jovenes and they love going with us. oh and a member who lives in Dallas asked us to come bless his dad who was sick so we went in his truck to this super nice house. And its crazy here because there are so many white people! This house was just like America haha. It was a good blessing and that was yesterday. but I love it here and love the members. They are taking care of us.Oh and its starting to get way cold! We need to buy gas for hot water. First hot shower in 3 months!  Love you all!

Elder Clayton
 So close and yet so far...
notice the date of expiration...ha-ha
 Says sorry it's blurry, but this is Sabinas at night
Top of the cave they went to says it in the clouds.   A lot like Minnetonka like at Bear Lake

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