Caught on the Streets of Monterrey

Caught on the Streets of Monterrey
Watching...always Watching!

Monday, October 14, 2013

True Joy in his Words & a Cleaning Fairy, just like MOM

I love this week's email.  You can here the joy and happiness in his words.  He sent many pictures.  I will forward a couple, but like always the remaining ones will be posted on his blog at  Thank you so much for support.  Your thoughts and prayers in his behalf are so appreciated.  He is doing so well and we are so grateful and are so blessed for his faithful service.  I was concerned with the death of a missionary in Mexico and so I will include my opening paragraph of my email to him and his reply.  Made me chuckle, I can see he is doing just fine...and it still makes me miss him.  I really think time is crawling on this boy's journey, at least for me.

Hello Pal:

How are you?  First thing fresh on my mind is this.  I was on the treadmill the other morning and the news feed read that a missionary was electrocuted in Mexico.  I was caught off guard and to tell you the truth my heart stopped.  Then it went into more detail. He was from Idaho, and it was the Tampico mission.  He had only been in the mission field a little less than a month.  Can you even imagine.  He touched a wire up on a roof of a building.  That night I was a the ward party and Connie told me to make sure I told you to NOT touch ANY wires at all.  I told her funny that she would mention that.  Because it was going to be the first thing I mentioned in my email to you.  So, be obedient to all the rules, and be smart and you will as promised be safe every day.   So that being said, I will continue with what's going on here at home.

hey mom! We have a roof but I know not to touch any wires! I am being safe. We work out on the roof sometimes when we have energy. Elder Erwin one time was fixing the light in the bathroom and a there was a huge spark haha. but we are fine. That is cool about the primary program! I always love it too. I love the kids here. The one picture with the little girl and the mom and young kid about 13 is my favorite family. the little girl is so funny to talk to. when I leave she always asks her mom *when is elder clayton coming?*

And here's this week's email...

HEllo family! This week was so sweet! So on Thursday not much happened but I saw a Utah license plate! Its funny to see, so I am not that far away from all of you. just about 23 hours. On Friday we worked hard and walked a lot, and went to a members tienda or store and visited them and that night had campechanas with him. Soo good. On Saturday, the Parents of Elder Hernandez from Vegas drove up from Monterrey to meet me! I had photos for them and told them about their son. They loved it and cried a little! missionary moms are the best haha. At the church there was a fundraiser for a sister and she was selling tacos and we each ate 10 tacos! Soo good. Tacos de harina (flour) so you have to be careful haha. Then we went to visit our investigator who is a free mason! he is so cool. he speaks English cause he worked at general motors for 30 years in Flint Michigan. On Saturday night we were walking back home and we walked by the church and all the lights were on...and we were like freak man. so some one had cleaned it but had started and just left. so we cleaned the church for about 30 minutes and set up chairs to get it ready for Sunday. and it turns out yesterday an older sister bore her testimony, and she had been cleaning and was tired, and was going to pick up another member to come help clean and get the church ready and in the time span that she had left, we had gone in, cleaned and set everything up. She cried about it. It felt so good to help the ward and sister out. and the best thing is, no one knew it was us! So it kind of reminded me of home how the cleaning fairy just comes by and cleans hahah. kidding. love you mom. Sunday, like I said was good. A less active family came and it made my day. Then we went to sing to the oldest member who is like 95. We sing hymns and she loves it. Then went with the young men on divisions and its always a good time. So it was a great week. Changes are tomorrow! I am scared to what might happen. Everyone is telling me I am going to train! We will see! love you all! 
Elder Clayton

Biker Dude!  Hope he got permission, for the bike and the helmet...
 This is an hilarious picture because this is the same shirt his dad has.  We all laughed hard when we saw this.  It is Wayne's favorite but not ours.  I'm sure Stetson laughed out loud when he saw it too.
 These are the elder's parents from the Las Vegas Mission that drove up to see Stetson

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