Caught on the Streets of Monterrey

Caught on the Streets of Monterrey
Watching...always Watching!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Where am I...Mexico or Bountiful, & Praying for Specifics

 This week he writes and tells of many experiences.  Although they are short, they do give a hint of things he is learning and perhaps remind him of home.  As it is conference week I always miss my missionary sons more at this time as they seem so close and yet so far away.  As I read this one I can tell that he was sent exactly where he was intended to go that was specific for him.  Enjoy, it's a great one this week.  Oh, and there is a couple of pictures of Monterrey, which are great.  But, I told him, at least put your sweet smile in one of them...ha-ha.
Hello Clayton fam! Writing here from Sabinas Hidalgo. It has been a pretty crazy week here. I didnt have time to write last week, so I will tell you all what happened. So last Friday, we had divisions with our zone leader, who was here for 6 months. So he came up here with me and we had an awesome time. Everyone worships him! I want to tell of a cool experience about prayer too. We prayed that morning, and it had been raining. and Elder Delgado asked for rides from members. He prayed for something specific. I didn't think about it, but as the day went on, we kept getting rides from members!! and we never get freaking rides haha. always walking. It was awesome to see that asking for something specific really works. We also have a sister here with cancer and it is sad to see. The same Elder said a prayer in her home and it was so strong. On Saturday we had a bomb lesson with our investigator about prayer. I loved it, but she didn't go to church...ah man. hardest thing getting people to church. On Sunday it was the primary program and it reminded me of home. It is the small things. you i know? On Wednesday we went to the temple, super sick. On Friday we had divisions another time but with our district leader who is the craziest and funniest elder haha. So I went to his area with his comp and we were on the bus and I asked his comp if he had the cell phone, and he said no. then I asked if he had the keys for the house and he didn't!! haha. So long story short. I spent Friday calling my comp to tell him we didn't have keys for the house, and we were at sorianasa for like 4 hours. Mexicos wal mart. I don't know if that makes sense, but yeah. basically divisions was a failure. On Sunday, 15 people showed up to church....haha we weren't happy at all. And today, we went to the offices for Immigration stuff. Then went to a super nice mall in San Pedro. Reminded me of City Creek! There was a krispie kreme, chilis, basically everything. oh and Costco is next door. Am I in bountiful or Mexico? I cant remember. I love all of you and hope all of you are doing well!! De mexico, tu hijo!! 

Elder Clayton

He said he went to the Mexican Consulate, He is now legal...SUPER!

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