Caught on the Streets of Monterrey

Caught on the Streets of Monterrey
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Sunday, June 22, 2014

His 1 Year Package Finally Arrives...

Best part of today's email was he finally received his year mark package.  Not bad.  Only took over six weeks to get to him.  Not sure why it took so long this time, but I was more concerned this one as it was the only one that had significant value inside.  But, all is good as it was not touched and everything was there, just extremely slow.  He is always so appreciative and grateful which makes it even better.  More investigators at church and great stories to tell of good humble people ready to accept their message.  Enjoy, another great week.
Well this week was super good, we had an open house on Saturday, the whole ward turned out and we have new investigators!! On Friday, we had a sports activity. it was super sweet, I love this ward, there are a ton of members that just love us, we played volleyball and soccer and just hung out. On Thursday we had a lesson with Jose Manuel, who is sick but wants to be baptized, he has an amazing story that he told us that happened 10 years ago. he had an accident where he was pronounced dead and returned to life. He told us a lot more things and basically he has been looking for the true church for 10 years. So he has Cirrhosis of the Liver and he had an operation on Wednesday, and is in constant pain but has a good attitude and is always joking with us. He is a good man. He told us that he has been to many churches looking for the Truth, and two weeks ago when he went with us for the first day he went to another church, but I swear to you this is true. he said when he entered the gates of our church he felt no pain, not only that he didnt feel any pain for 3 hours. He is a cool guy, and he was going to go yesterday, but was too sick. I feel so bad for him, and he wanted to go but just couldn't. He has a baptism date pretty soon and we are working with him so he can be baptized. Also, Sara and Samuel came yesterday! Samuel's wife is a member, and Sara, I have known since I first got here. Her husband doesn't want her to get baptized, so that is hard. Funny thing is, he is a member!! He was baptized when he was 8 years old. but yeah. its hard but we are pushing along. Elder Clements and I are working hard! Oh and I got the package!! All safe and sound!! Thanks for everything! Love you all! 

hello mom! love you! Well I got the package and want to say thank you so much for everything!! I was so happy to get it and everything in it! Sounds like a really good girls camp thing you had. . We are teaching a lot of people, it was a hard Sunday being Fathers Day, but they are still going along. 

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