Caught on the Streets of Monterrey

Caught on the Streets of Monterrey
Watching...always Watching!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Filling the Churches & a Little Sick from Uncooked Chicken

He and his companion are filling up the church house. They love him which is no surprise. He told me one of the young families bought him a jar of Skippy PB which is like gold there. Oh how I love to hear of his success and you can hear his enthusiasm and happiness in his words. And of course there's a couple of pictures. Enjoy, seriously they just get better and better. 
So this week was a great week again, yesterday we had 8 people in the church! 3 were new, honestly, we are working with about 16 people investigator wise, and that isn't even less active or members!! So we are working crazy hard. but I am loving it. We had a reference from a hermana about her neighbor who is looking for true church. She straight up told us t&hat she believes that one church is true and she is looking for it. So we had a sweeet lesson with her about the Restoration of the church and she loved it. So she came to church with her husband and her granddaughter and she loved it!! So we were happy to see them come, also Jose manuel, who is sick with cirroses, came again and he came with his wife! They both loved it, Juany came and was hoping to have her husband and her daughter both come, but they didnt show up. her husband had to work, but has a desire to come, so that is good. This week I got sick again!! An investigator bought us these tostadas with chicken, and basically the chicken is cooked in the morning and sits out all day and yeah I ate it and got sick and threw up like 3 times, but I am fine now! Other than that, the ward loves us, we fill up Doctrine Principles class and we are moving rooms because we dont fit anymore! The ward is happy so I am happy. They give us a ton of support and I am fine with that. I love you all, and I will send a lot of pictures this next week! Got to go to cut my hair! 

This is the kid of one of our investigator he loves us, so we bought him a shirt just like us!
Doesn't that look delious!
Send this to Marc Shafermayer! He was a missionary with him and has him on facebook. He is a lider misional in another ward. 

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