Caught on the Streets of Monterrey

Caught on the Streets of Monterrey
Watching...always Watching!

Friday, September 26, 2014

New Zone Leader & Living the Dream

He was transferred after being in the same area for over seven months. But as you will see it's a great and wonderful change. No pictures this week. Hope this isn't what's coming. I'm not used to that. I'll include a couple from last week that he sent and one from Elder Gomez that he mentions. He is the companion he trained and loved serving with. You can read the joy in his words. Thanks for following his journey. Enjoy...

 Hello Clayton family! This week was transfers and I am now here in the ward of Huesteca and back in the stake of Mitras!! I am super excited to be here in this area and to be a Zone Leader in this zone. This seriously was the dream, to be here, and now I am here! Also, Elder Gomez is in my Zone!! I will be doing divisiones with him and he is training. he has 9 months, so thats crazy to me. Oh and there is a return missionary here from Honduras San Pedro Sula that knew Bridger! So crazy. He was Elder Cortez, his first zone leader was Elder Peterson, so he knew Elder Peterson more than bridger, but still its cool. Ever since arriving to the mission, everyone talked about this ward and how sweet it was. and now here I am! I am more than excited to be here with Elder Wells, who I actually met in the MTC, he is super cool and we are pumped to be here to work! I was sad to leave San Bernabe, but after the baptism of Katherin, I really felt like my work was done there, if that doesnt sound to crazy. So I am here and I am excited, the Zone is excited and very young, so we should be having lots of success. Love you all!!

No pictures this week so I'll add this one.  He is in the same district with Elder Gomez whom he loves.  He sounds so happy!!!

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