Caught on the Streets of Monterrey

Caught on the Streets of Monterrey
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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Tender Mercies for Gilberto & Lots of Wonderful People

This week we heard from him on Wednesday as they went to the temple on Monday.  He is doing wonderful things in this area and you will see how awesome the members are.  It is amazing to see the hand of the Lord in people's lives.  All their lives you tell them of these things, but to have him write home and recognize these things on his own, just testifies of all the good they he has learned out in the mission field.  He has changed so much, and we couldn't be more proud of all that he is accomplishing.  This is another good one...
Hello Clayton familia! This week was a great week, we had lots of success finding new people and working out dates of our baptisms in the next coming weeks! As of right now, Elder Brown and I have 8 people planned out this change to be baptized, where I am at is such a great area and I love it. The members are awesome and they love us. Remember Edna? Well she is doing great, she is really happy and so is her son, Adan. She has her mom living with her and when we first started teaching Edna, her mom didn't want anything, but now, guess what?? She wants to baptize! In fact, we invited her mom to baptism and she said the classic, well I have already been baptized in the Pentecostal church. but now, she has seen the change in Edna, and there really has been a change and she wants to come to church, so we are really excited for her and her decision to start to listen to us. Also, kind of on a sadder note, Elder Wells and his other companion had a convert here, and she passed away last week, so we helped them out with the funeral and it was pretty sad, because the family don't have much and it was pretty sad to see them to go through this, but its amazing to see little miracles everyday. The Sister that passed away is named Juanita, and just one week before her death, her son, Gilberto was deported from Atlanta and came back to his house. but listen to this, on Elder Browns second day here in the area, we contacted Gilberto and he told us who is mom was! So the next day we visited Gilberto and invited him to baptism and he said yes, and then 6 days later his mom passed away. but to think that he got deported in that time to be with his mom and to learn from us is pretty amazing. So I will be getting a picture of Gilberto and his family pretty soon, they are really nice people. As for that, everything is going really well and I am really happy here! Its starting to get really cold here though! The mornings are super cold but we have hot water, so everything is cool. Love you all!! 

Elder Clayton

 Elder Clayton & Brown @ the Monterrey Temple

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