Caught on the Streets of Monterrey

Caught on the Streets of Monterrey
Watching...always Watching!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Saludos de MTY - Another Baptism & Life is Good in Monterrey

Hard to believe it was time to have another change, but it looks as if he will most likely stay in this same area.  He is seeing lots of success and finding that no matter where he serves he loves these people and they in return love him equally as much.  I look to hear the excitement in his words as these wonderful people understand and embrace the things he has know his entire life.  Even more to know that they are being solidified in his heart, too.  Love him so much and as I take down the Halloween decorations, I am one holiday closer to having him join us back home.   But, I am certain it is going much faster than he is wanting it to and is every so happy!  Enjoy, another great one.  
Hola familia! Well this was the last week of the change! It went by really fast and changes are tonight, I just got here, so I don't think anything will happen, but there might be a few changes in the zone, but I would say the two highlights of my week was the baptism of Edna and seeing the Familia Briones. Edna, Elder Wells had contacted her about 4 weeks ago and every lesson we had with her, she wanted to learn more and loved it. Actually the first time she went to church, she didn't go with us, she went to another church of ours but farther away, the taxi didn't know where it was, so she ended up there, but still loved it. Anyways, she is a Madre Soltera with her 5 year old kid named Adan and she is just a cool person and accepted our invitation to follow Jesus Christ to baptism in our first lesson with her and 4 weeks later was baptized. Due to work, she was baptized in the morning and confirmed later in Sacrament. It was a great program and I really enjoyed it. She will be going to the temple on Saturday and wants to enroll in Institute, she is excited about everything. Also, on Wednesday, we went to Mitras for a meeting and my old area, Mitras was having mutual and I ran into everyone that I used to know there. It was really great talking to everyone there and seeing how they were doing. The best part was to see the family Briones and how well they were doing and that they are really happy. I felt so good seeing them and I cant wait to see my converts and other members in my last area. I miss them haha. Well, I am glad that you had a good sacrament meeting yesterday. Tell Caleb I love him and cant believe that he is going to dances! That's cool though, me gusto su playera aun que me dio miedo!! Nos Vemos familia! les amo mucho.

Eating Campechana y la familia Briones!!! I had a meeting in Mitras, my old area and guess who was there!!! The Familia Briones and they were super happy to see me, Joelito is doing well and so is their dad, they are happy and can't wait to get sealed in the temple in March.

Edna y su hijo Adan.

Hermana Cortez, miembro que nos ayudo y Mi compa Elder Wells

As I looked at the mission blog this morning I came upon this fun surprise.  A few months back Elder Oaks, Elder Beck and Elder achos came to visit.  I just happened to look at a picture and low and behold there in the crowd was one particular missionary, smiling in his usual fashion.  I was so grateful for this, funny as it sounds, these things make my heart leap with joy.  Even without prompting he is smiling and looking so happy.  The answer to the prayer I said many months ago of just let him be happy, then I will know that all is well.  And it is...

Oh, how I love this missionary of ours!  Well, done Elder Clayton, even when no one is watching that smile is oh so real!!!

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  1. Cuidate mucho!!!! Te veo más delgado,semiase que no te atienden tan bien como Juany y yo allá en tu nueva área jajajaja