Caught on the Streets of Monterrey

Caught on the Streets of Monterrey
Watching...always Watching!

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Even Though it doesn't Always go as Planned, Great Attitude Prevails...

 Many times you will find that things do not go as planned, however as you will read, his attitude never gets him down and they keep going and understand it's all about people's choices.  Yesterday marked his 18 month mark.  I know that now for him, time will fly and although I want him to return as I miss him so badly, I certainly do not want it to be over for him.  Thank you once again for following his journey and the love and care you have for our missionary.  It means so much to all of us, especially him.  Enjoy...

The baptism fell through because the person who was going to be baptized didn't fell well and went to the hospital! So we are planning it this week, this week coming up is stake conference so I will get to see my converts in Mitras with Gomez! Sweet huh? the chances are very rare of that happening! Elder Gomez is having lots of success and I am very happy for him, we did divisions this last week and we had lots of fun hanging out another time, he is an excellent elder. We found a lot more people too this week, but we have to get them to church! its hard, I would say that's one of the hardest part about being a missionary sometimes, when people don't come to church! its rough, but there is always next week. love you all!!

Elder Clayton

Elder Gomez and I did divisions, just like old times! we are getting older! 
 Antonio, our investigator! he is super cool, he was a reference from a Hermano Mora!
This hermana is a member and is super nice!  Love you all

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