Caught on the Streets of Monterrey

Caught on the Streets of Monterrey
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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Short but Sweet Email after Christmas

As we had just heard from him and his memory card isn't working!  He didn't have much in his email this week, but I was able to chat back and forth with him.  I so love that  here's what was "said".

Elder Clayton:  Hello Familia! Love you all, thanks for talking on sunday! I loved talking to all of you
 Hello mom! I loved to see you all of you, and that's great that you could all be together as a the family for Christmas, the next Christmas we will all be together. dad was kind of mad that I had taken a lot of money out, I will cut back, but I thought mexico was cheap, but its really not, everything here is not that much cheaper than the US, but I feel bad, I won't take any more money out. So will Bridger and Caleb start to go to the gym this new years? I cant wait to work out with them, that will be fun. I have lost a lot of my strength though here in the mission!

I have pictures from Christmas, but they don't show up, I am sorry, I will send them next week ad the phone call,

MOM:  No worries, I'm just happy to get them when I do.  Did the packages get there...please say YES!

Elder Clayton:   I don't know yet, we go to the offices again Friday, we go every week for something! and I think it will be there, so its all good. I always get packages, so don't worry.  okay, how is Bridger and Caleb? I forgot to see Zoie on Skype! is she still alive?

MOM:  Funny you say that, I was going to show you her.  She is getting old.  When she is free, she wets on the carpet in the bathroom, ticks me off, big time.  She most likely will be living, she is going to live forever I swear.

Bridger and Caleb are good.  Bridger is head over heels with Tori.  She is most likely the one.  You will like her, we all do.  Lots of fun.  

Caleb is awesome, he gets bored on days when he has to stay home, but he'll survive.  He shoveled today for Cochrans' and ours.  We got about a foot last night.  UGH!!!
Elder Clayton:  love you mom! have a good week! 
And then he was gone...
This a picture from a couple of weeks ago.  As he didn't send any this week, 
I'll just add one that I especially love!

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