Caught on the Streets of Monterrey

Caught on the Streets of Monterrey
Watching...always Watching!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

2015 in Monterrey Mexico! And Christmas Packages finally Arrive!

It was so great to hear from him this week.  He didn't have his camera so no pictures...again.  Funny, how you get so used to things.  I have missed seeing his smiling face each week as it's been almost three since a new picture.  He promises to have some this week. Oh how I hope it will happen.  I understand how busy they get and little somewhat possibly unimportant things like the camera on Pday email time gets pushed aside.  He is still the happiest, and states extremely busy as the time is flying by even faster.  But, this is the year that in 4 1/2 months he will return.

It's short, but says everything it needs to.  Enjoy...

Hola Familia! I cant believe it is 2015! Elder Brown and I were talking about how crazy it is and that we will be home this year. New Years was good here, a family invited the six mission over and we ate dinner with them, then we went home and tried to sleep! but there was so many fireworks!! all night! They have huge fireworks here, full of black powder and explode and are cheap,so they do a lot of them. Oh and my package came!!! I was so grateful for it, as well as a package from Bishop Bob and the Orchard 5th ward came, gracias!! Remember Omar? The guy we are teaching, he is doing super well., and its crazy how far he has come along. when we first started teaching him he was smoking about 20 cigs a day, we visited him on Saturday in the afternoon, and he hadnt smoked that day. also, when we first started teaching him he was depressed and had a lot of problems, but now, his face is more lighter, its crazy, because you can see the difference in his being. He has been to the church now 4 times in a row. and we are working on baptism. He wants to be baptized just the word of wisdom details we are working on and he can be baptized. He is a good man, and I would love for you all to pray for him. Thanks, I know your prayers are heard and really do help me. Love you all. I will send pictures next week! I forgot my camera another time, because we went to go play soccer! I have photos to send as well. love you! have an excellent weeeek!

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