Caught on the Streets of Monterrey

Caught on the Streets of Monterrey
Watching...always Watching!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Most likely his Last Week in Huasteca. Another place he has grown to LOVE!

This week I decided to include my email to him as his reply will make zero sense if not.  But, it is also such a great response that I felt was worth adding to the email.  He is doing so great and as his time is drawing closer to his return, I can see that it will be so hard for him as he has put his whole heart and soul into this mission.  However, I can't wait to hug him and hear him say, Love you Mom!  He would say it at least 3x a day, many times it was more than that.  But, I don't want to wish it away for him, either.  I can wait...(maybe)...
Hey Pal!  How are you?  Hope this finds you well and happy.  So, glad you got your package, but there was two.  Did you get them both?  I so hope so and that all inside was ok and you liked what was in there.  I will be sending your b-day box, is there anything you need one more time.  This might be the last one I send, maybe not.  But, just depends.  Don't worry about sending us anything.  Save your money.  I just know that you love us and as long as you are taken care of then that's all I need.  I have sent you some cards and letters.  Do you ever get them.  I try to send you ones around the holidays, but I never know if you get them or not.  I hope so!  I know it is fun to have something to hold and re-read over and over.  I just love ya pal!

This week we attended the baptism of a man that lives on Orchard Drive.  He is a dad of a little girl named Gracie and she was actually baptized about two months ago.  He really said he had no interest, and yet he would sit and listen as the missionaries would teach his daughter.  He felt the spirit and knew it was true and then decided he wanted to be baptized, too.  It was probably one of the most awesome baptisms I have been to.   I have been to several baptisms and they are all special and wonderful. But, I have never witnessed an adult male going into the water and the spirit bore witness to me that all of his wrongs were gone.  It was amazing.  I know the power of the atonement. And it was awesome to feel that spirit and realize we get that same promise as we take the sacrament each week.  I loved it!  I also thought of how you and Bridger spent your time doing this exact thing several times and how touching it was as you have witnessed and saw for yourself the change that occurs.  This man is now in such a wonderful and supporting ward.  He seriously is so blessed to live in such an amazing place.

How's Omar.  I have prayed for him everyday and will continue to do so.  It's crazy to think how some struggle with something that comes so natural and un thinking for you and I.  I hope that our prayers have been answered and that he is progressing towards the one thing that will bring such happiness in his life. 

I love that you are doing the BOM challenge with us.  45 days.  You'll read it twice to our one time.  I love the BOM.  Seems like 1st and 2nd Nephi get read the most as some don't ever get past that.  I'm so far on track.  Not bad, 2nd week into the year and challenge. 

Well, pal.  I just want you to know how much I love ya and how proud I am of you as you are accomplishing so much.  These things will benefit you for the rest of your life.  Guaranteed!!!

Love and miss you.


And his reply:

 Hello mom! I just got the one package, but I am sure the other one will get here soon! thanks though, everything in it was good and well recieved. in one month its my birthday, its crazy! I really liked the butter finger, but whatever is fine with me. I will be home soon, I am grateful for anything honestly. Thats cool that you went to the baptism, help him out, be his friend and help him with anything you can do. Too many converts slip away, and it is very sad because its super hard to get them back. thank you for going to that mans baptism. Tell him Congrats and send my love to him and that I am anxious to meet him. I didnt appreciate the Missionary work before, I know I went with the missionaries and all that, but its different coming out and experiencing it. Tell Caleb to read Preach my Gospel and even start speaking spanish! He will be going to South America I think. Bridger went to Central America I came to Mexico and Caleb is going to Bolivia haha. Oh and the book of mormon is amazing. I just got to Jacob, I am ahead of scedhule, but I love it. The Isiah part is a little hard, but I got throuh it! Love youmom, you are amazing thanks for all you do!

Hola Familia! This is the last week of this change and we will be having changes this next week! I am pretty sure I am leaving Huasteca. I dont know where I will be headed but its bittersweet. I feel like I might go train or be a zone leader in another zone. Still not sure, but its all good. Omar is still doing well, he is smoking about 2 ciggaretts a day, but he wants to be baptized! So that is good. The Zone is doing well, it was a hard week for everyone with it being really cold and with rain, but everyone finished strong. We are now looking for more people to teach, all the people we had been teaching just dont come to church, so we have to find new people. I am excited for this last week, and to finish strong and start a new change. I will be sad to leave Elder Brown though, he has been a good comp for these 3 months. We should be on the same plane though coming back to Utah which will be pretty fun :) Love you all! Thanks for the support always.

Elder Clayton

This is the sunset--
 El Hermano Jose Luis Mora! He is a good guy and we ate carne asada with him on Christmas. 
This is another picture of jose luis mora and Felipe.
 Felipe is a joven in the ward but we all call him La Jaiba, 
which means crab because he is from Tabasco
 Here is a picture of the 6 missionaries from Huasteca. 
This was New Years and behind us is a picture of Pancho Villa. 
Elder Clayton

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