Caught on the Streets of Monterrey

Caught on the Streets of Monterrey
Watching...always Watching!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Last week with Elder Brown, but feels like it's going to be just Fine!

This was a great day.  Because it was Human Rights Day, I was able to be on instant messaging with him and it was awesome.  This is the email he found out he was getting a new sister!  Bridger told him about his engagement.  He is thrilled and excited to know he is waiting for him to get home before they get married.  It's going to be a fantastic and busy summer at our house.  He's doing amazing and knows that one of them will be moving to a new area.  We will anxiously await his email to see where the change will take him.  Wherever it is, he will love it I'm sure as he has always done fine, whatever area he serves. We will pray for you, pal.  So that the transfer will be easy and you'll feel at home soon.  Enjoy, this is a great one with lots of pictures...

Hola Familia! Felicidades a Bridger and Tori!! Wow, that's pretty cool, even though I have never met Tori, I am sure she is cool and will fit right in with us. I am excited for them both! Cant wait to meet her and for the day of the wedding. This week was a good week, we were out of our zone alot doing baptism interviews for our district leaders, but it was fun to get to know their investigators and I like doing the interviews to see the people and how ready they are for baptism. This will be the last week with Elder Brown! He has been a good comp and we have had a lot of fun these past 3 months, Yesterday I spoke in church, I spoke about praying and personal revelation. I love this ward, just like every area I have been in, I have come to love these people. This ward has a lot of cool people in it and they spoil us!!! haha They are good people, and I hope to see many of them another day. Edna, my convert is doing amazing, she came yesterday and is sad that I might leave, we had a cool visit with her this last week. She is a single mother and her mom is kind of crazy and doesn't help her out and she works full time. but we have promised many blessings to her, and she knows they are true. She has been a solid convert and continues to grow every day. I am thankful for the time I had to teach her and see her growth. Omar came to church, but still is smoking, we are working with him, and we will see whats up with him this week that comes. Tonight we will find out the changes!! I am kind of nervous to see what will happen or where I will go, but I know where ever I may go, I will have new friends and new faces. Oh and we are still reading the book of Mormon, I am still in Mosiah! I love it though. I love Mosiah 5. In the funeral of my convert Jose Manuel, I read Mosiah 5:2, so it has a special meaning to me always. love you all!! Congrats Bridger and Tori! love you both! 

Elder Clayton

  Edna is doing well
  This day was super cold, Mexican sombrero! 

 Ouicho y su papa el vaquero
 This is the zone that Elder Brown and I reign over.
Elder Chuquin!! About 6 weeks ago he called me, the small elder, coolest elder ever and told me they had found a less active family and found an older man that wanted to be baptized. I told Elder Chuquin that guy was going to be his first baptism, and it was yesterday!!
 A 17 year old we are teaching little sisters play doll named Tommy haha
 A 17 year old we are teaching and her little sisters play doll named Tommy haha

 Elder Neves from Paris...Idaho
 This is our place to be on Saturdays en Santa Catarina. the best tacos de carne asada

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