Caught on the Streets of Monterrey

Caught on the Streets of Monterrey
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Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Best Week Ever, & Birthday Celebrations

As we didn't hear from him on Monday due to them going to the temple.  It made this email so much fun to see how they celebrated his 21st b-day.  As you will see it he says it was one of the best weeks of his mission.  So fun to see all the pictures and read of how much they all love him.  I'm not surprised...

Hello family!! Well this week was one of the best weeks I have had in my mission. I know I always say that, but things always get better. Well let me start off by saying I had a great birthday and one that I wont ever forget! So last week, we did divisions with one of our district leaders, and I went to a small city called Hidalgo, Nuevo Leon. Its super small, and I had a good time up there, then we returned to have interviews the next day with President Swapp, that went well and he was really happy how Elder Reyna and I have changed things around in the ward and the zone here. There really is a change, the bishop is happier and all of the members love us. On Sunday we had 4 investigators!! Joel, came, who is super cool. About 7 months ago, he had part of his hand ran over by a train! And he yelled out to God to help him, and if God helped him, he promised to be a good person and find a church. Well he was a reference and members had told the missionaries earlier to visit him, but he couldn't go to church at that time, but now he can and he loves it. He has been prepared to receive us and is excited about baptism! We had Kevin come, who is 12 years old and we are teaching him and his grandma, who both were references from members, Kevin is super cool and came in a suit!! And wants to be a missionary in the future. Now for the miracle, two jovencitas, or teenagers showed up with their grandma from Boliva. Well the grandma is from Bolivia, one of the girls was born in Los Angles and the other in Bolivia, but the grandma has been a member for over 40 years, but her granddaughters aren't baptized! We met them Sunday when they came to church and it is truly a blessing. Seriously they came out of nowhere, they live in our area, but how funny right as we get here, all these people have been prepared. I was talking to my companion, and we have never had so many signs to us telling us that we were meant to be here. Its pretty interesting. So we were both happy that we had 4 in church, but we are working for more and we are extremely grateful to work with members, they are good to us and we are helping them build their ward. Oh also on Sunday, two sisters from Huasteca, my last area came and kidnapped us!! They wanted to take us out to dinner, yeah on Sunday, that happens a lot. It turns out, the person who wanted to give us dinner on Sunday was friends with one of the sisters, so it worked out and took the 4 of us out! On my birthday, I woke up to my companion and a cake made out of Negritos, or Nitos its a Mexican pastry that is super good, then about 30 minutes later the sisters knocked on the door and they made me a brownie cake!! They are really nice hermananas, then we went to the district meeting and the whole zone bought a cake, and the tradition here is that they sing to you, then they make you take a bite of the cake and there is always someone behind you and smashes your head into the cake! Haha but it was a good time. I had a really good birthday, my companion is an excellent comp and really took care of me. He has a good spirit and we get along. Honestly, I have been blessed with such good companions. Now, today, we went to the temple and I really enjoyed it,  we traveled by metro and bus as a zone, and we talked and sang the whole time haha. We all get along, and its a good time. We went with another zone and Elder Jacobsen from North Salt Lake was there, so it was fun to see him again and talk to him, he will be on the same plane I think home. After the temple we went to Costco!!! There is an Elder in our zone who has a Costco card, so the whole zone went to Costco! Just like always it was a great time, we roamed around for a little bit, ate samples then we ate food. I ate a Costco dog and churro. The last time I was in Costco was about 21 months ago! But it brought me back many memories haha. All the Americans bought peanut butter and muffins. So it was an excellent week! Thanks for the birthday wishes, I cant believe I am 21 but esta bien. Love you all! Hope Caleb and mom gets better! 

Elder Clayton

 The sisters kidnapped him early in the morning and made him brownies

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