Caught on the Streets of Monterrey

Caught on the Streets of Monterrey
Watching...always Watching!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

New Area, New Comp, and Spotted by Google...again! (plus lost a shoe, & His Retainer(s))

He lost both his retainer, all his toiletries and one shoe(?). He asked me to pray for it. Will do. I pray every time I send a package. All answered except one Christmas package still not there.

Hola Family! Wow what a crazy week. So I am in a new area here with Elder Reyna de Chiapas, Mexico. He is an excellent Elder, and I have known him for a long time in the mission, and have a deep respect for him, becuase he is a very respected Elder. so we are in Las Puentes, and we are two new Zone Leaders here, they took out the 2, and put is in here, so we know nothing about the area neither the zone! but we are more than excited to work and to get to know our area and work with the zone. Oh really quick!! We had to take two taxis from where we met up to get to our house, and I left a small backback in the taxi!! I put a bunch of things, but in short I lost ONE nike shoe, the other one was in another bag, becuase we only have limited time to pack, I lost my retainer, my Rainbow flip flops from Niel and Nancy, 2 missionary gaffetes, all of my razors, shampoo and all that! but its all good, so I took some money out, to buy some things, I was kind of mad about it, but I cant do anything! so this week we just started working and it was really hard actually, but we have found members from lists and other means, and they are giving us soo many references. I have never seen so many members willing to work. The funny thing is, I have heard of this ward before, and I heard that it was hard, and stuff like that, but my comp and I have come to know is that its an excellent ward. also the zone is a little hard, because we have 2 branches that have very little assistance. but we are excited to know the zone and help everyone to work. On Wednesday we were walking in the street, and I saw 2 rocking chairs, and I guys back to us, and these chairs I had seen before. The type of chair was made in one of my areas, in Mitras, and I knew they guy that I had just walked by, so I stopped to talk to him, and he was actually a friend of Jose Maria, remember the old man in Mitras?? I asked how he was doing, and he told me that he had passed away in December, that made me a little sad to hear, but I know he is in a better place. he lived a pretty hard place, but I know he is okay. Its small little things that make me realize that I am in the right place at the right time. Now as I am talking to mom, we met a family yesterday where we ate after church, this is how small the world is. There is a Hermana here in this ward that lived in North Salt Lake, worked at Lorenas and we have friends in common, then she started talking to my companion, and he is from Chiapas, turns out, when he was inactive, the sister, of this hermana reactivated Elder Reyna when she was serving there as a missionary, and here where are at her table eating la comida with her!! Such a small world. Its a funny thing, but I am super excited to find new people this week with Elder Reyna, just like Elder Brown, there is never a dull moment, and he says that I am more Mexican than him haha. Love you all!!
Elder Clayton
He asked me if I knew the Stoker Family.  Just so happens the daughter, Michelle lives in our ward and I adore her.  I wrote back telling him that and he replies with this:
wow!! what a small world, because I got moved to a new ward and a lady named Esmeralda Ruiz lived with them for 5 years!! and worked at Lorenas!!! haha Tell her that I live in her ward, I have found so many connections in my mission its so crazy., we ate in her house yesterday and she asked where I was from and I always say Utah, and then she was like oh what part, and I usually say Bountiful but then she was like, Bountiful or North Salt Lake, and then we made the connection. Tell Michelle that I met Esmeralda! Where does Michelle live?? ah ok, I cant remember what she looks like really well, but I remember Judsen, wow, well yeah text her right now, and see what she says! Its such a small world, its funny she worked at Lorenas, in fact, she knew Claudio!!! :) she only worked there for a semester, but still. what are the chances. haha okay! wow! that is such a small world,. I also wrote in my big letter, it turns out that her sister was a missionary in chiapas that reactivated my comp that I have right now!!
I am so mad I lost one shoe! I would have just rather lost them both, I also lost my retaniner, but I was wearing it every night, I think I will be fine. I had them both in a little container that had everything in it! I lost all of my bathroom supplies, toothbrush. I had a sweet one, crest 3d, all of that  but its all good. I gotta go, but I love you so much! Tell Michelle, that it is a small world, and that Esmeralda talks very highly about the Stoker Family

This is my new companion, Elder Reyna. 
I have a ton to tell you all!! New Zone, 2 New Zone leaders! 

 I went on divisions with Elder Mora, from Chile, 
and we had a ward activity and we lit Chinese lanterns. pretty fun!
 Spotted by Google again. And his new comp!!!

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