Caught on the Streets of Monterrey

Caught on the Streets of Monterrey
Watching...always Watching!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Another Wonderful Week & Lots of Pictures

This week I was able to "chat" back and forth with him for quite awhile.  I'll add it at the end.  He is doing awesome and there's a couple of pictures where his eyes look tired, but he never complains and only says the time is going too fast.  

Hola Familia!! So Elder Reyna was called as assistant to President Swapp, so for one day I was in a trio, the next day with another elder and another day with a joven from the ward and now for 3 days I have been with a 17 year old from a another ward, but everything is good! Joel was confirmed yesterday and he had a great experience. He gave his testimony and that he was happy. I'm not lying when people are really converted they change. Not just the way they think, but also their face, how they express themselves. When we first met Joel, a member told us to visit him, and he hid from us, another family member would answer the door and say that he wasn't there. Me and my comp just keep trying until about the 5th time we knocked on his door, and at first they said he wasn't there and then he said we could come in, since that visit. he has changed. He is happy, he has faith and hope in life. We found him at a pretty low point in life, but now he is excited ! Also, on Wednesday we had a lesson with another reference from a member and we went there and taught the restoration to them. It is a mom of about 55 years and her daughter who is 21, the daughter just got out of rehab and we have known the mom for about 3 weeks and she has come to church with us. As we were teaching the lesson, the daughter just starts so cry and says everything we have said is true and she said upon entering rehab, she didn't believe in God, but started to pray and wanted God to direct her to something, with more time in rehab, she prayed more and more, and leaving, her mom had told her that we had been coming by, at first, the daughter didn't want anything, but she recognizes that it is the will of God,. and she recognizes us as the answers to her prayers. Honestly it was pretty cool, we talked about prayer in Sunday school and she got up and said this is the right place for her and that she had never felt so good in her life. I loved it, and its the biggest blessing to be an answer to someone elses prayers. I love being here, I love the people. Today is the start of a new change, and I will have a new companion tomorrow, I am excited to work hard, this is my 5th change as Zone leader, but I still am going strong! love you all!!

Elder Clayton

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