Caught on the Streets of Monterrey

Caught on the Streets of Monterrey
Watching...always Watching!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Another New Companion & Fasting and Prayer

New companion, same area! Hola! Well last week was a little different with all the companions that I had, but everything worked out and now I have a new companion named Elder May de Yucatan, Merida! He is a good Elder, and he is energetic and lots of fun, a lot of Elders left the zone, and many new faces arrived. We are excited to start a new change and get things rolling. This past sunday, we had 5 investigatores in church and  we will be having a baptism of three this sunday! We are super excited. Sonia, Samantha and Alejandro will be going to be baptized. Its cool because its three generations, Sonia is the grandma, Samantha is the daughter, and Alejandro is the grandson. The Hermana Sonia was a reference from a member that sent us to her. About 5 weeks ago, we kneeled down said a prayer and we invited this member to think of someone who we could share our message with, it was a saturday before fast sunday, so we invited her to do it as a part of her fast and it was a miracle what occured. We went back 4 days later and sent us to Sonia, another daughter answered the door and told us to come back the next day, so we did, I went back with someone else from the ward and we sang a hymn and asked Sonia some questions to get to know her and found out that her daughter, Samantha was in Rehab, she had been in for about 7 months, and she expressed her love for her daughter and cried. I talked about baptism, and she accepted the invitation. We promised that God was going to bless her and we set another date to come back, we went back, taught a lesson, and invited her to church, the first week she couldnt, but she said she would the next week. So she came to church, and when we went back after the week she had gone to church, she recieved news that her daughter was going to return home!!! It was sooo cool. She was crying and was so grateful. So Samantha has been home for about 3 weeks, and we met her when she had about 3 days in her house, we talked about the Restauration and she cried during the whole lesson. She said upon entereing rehab, she was Atheist, and didnt want anything with religion, but with more and more time she prayed and wanted a sign from God. Over the period of 7 months, her testimony of prayer grew more and more, until her mom and told her that we had been coming by and she at first, didnt want to meet us, but she said that it was the will of God, and we met her and she knew we had been sent to meet her and to meet her mom. Ah man its soo awesome everything. The Lord prepares his people to recieve us. Samantha has been  to church twice and her mom 4 times, and they will be baptized this sunday with Alejandro! We are so excited for them, they are excellent people and I love them,. They recognize us as Representatives of Jesus Christ, and every lesson with them we feel the spirit. I am grateful for them! Oh and Joel is doing wondeful, he came again, and is excited to recieve the priesthood. We started to teach his nephew, and he came to church yesterday! yay!! I am in a great area, and I am an awesome comp. I hope everything is going well with you all! love all of you!!

Elder Clayton
 Elder Gomez after having a little surgery and is now working in the office while healing.
New Companion Elder May de Yucatan!

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