Caught on the Streets of Monterrey

Caught on the Streets of Monterrey
Watching...always Watching!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Let it Rain!

Even a week of solid rain doesn't seem to get him too down.  He and I were able to chat back and forth and he told me of his shoes having mold in them.  Thankfully, he finally bought a new pair.  We received his flight plans on Thursday.  So, on May 27 @ 4:20 p.m. he will arrive home.  Not going to lie, I cried.  I want him home so badly, and yet I know it is so hard for it to end for him, too.  He is doing wonders and seeing miracles as he serves so faithfully and with such obedience.  But, I know him and he will finish strong until the end.  Enjoy, they just get better and better...
Buenas Tardes Famila! Como estan? This last week was good, it was kind of hard with so much rain, it rained every day last week but one, so it is kind of hard to find new people in this weather, but its going well. I bought new shoes in the market the other day, the other ones didnt work out anymore, my black shoes hurt because there is no support on the heel and the brown ones had been wet for about a month hahaa. so you can imagine, but I bought new ones, and I am sure it will last till the end for me. So we were going to have the baptism of Samantha, Sonia, and Alejandro, but it turns out they need to talk to Presidente Swapp, so we moved it to the next week. This last week, we knocked on their gate, and we talked to the neighbor of Samantha and Sonia and we invited her with us to the lesson and she came! The neighbor was crying during the whole lesson, we talked about The Plan of Salvacion, it was a really cool lesson, The Sister Missionaries, baptized last week and the ward is really happy, in the year of 2014 there was only 5 baptisms in this ward! but we are changing things in Las Puentes, its an excellent ward, in fact we had a carne asada on saturday and also I bought a little portable grill in the market, I will send photos next week! We are doing well with everything, and hoping and praying hard for these three baptisms next sunday! I love you all! It is crazy that Bridger has been home now for two years!! wow! that is just crazy, I told dad this, but I always carry the photo of us 3 when he got home at the airport. Love  you all! adios! 

Elder Clayton
Conversation through email with him:  Mom:   Life is good.  It's beautiful today.  72!!! Crazy right.  Had my sunroof open and radio on during lunch.  Hope this lasts forever.
I saw the pics, you look like you had a great time.  Did you know it was four years ago we took Bridger to the MTC, and two we picked him up?  Wow, hard to believe
Elder Clayton: oh wow yeah, I didnt realize that it was 4 years ago with the mtc, that is crazy! I have that picture as well.   About his shoes: well, one shoe I ripped apart, on the whole inside, it was infested with mold! it was bad, It wasn't healthy at all
Mom: Man, thank heavens you are watched over and protected from someone above.  I am forever grateful for that!

 They played and had a great time for their Pday today!


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