Caught on the Streets of Monterrey

Caught on the Streets of Monterrey
Watching...always Watching!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Flooding in the Streets/Zone Activity & Still the Best Smile in Mexico

This week's email is so slow in forwarding due to a busy week trying to figure out what in the world is going on with Wayne's voice, throat, palate and such.  Right now, it is said to be a virus and we are waiting it out.  An MRI came out negative with signs of his palate not closing with some sounds.  So for now, prayers, oils and good diet and speech therapy is what he is working on.  We are hoping this is just a good ole fashion lesson in patience.  But, it's not fun.  He is a good sport, (or trying to be) but it's difficult, especially for him as his job relies heavily on his speaking ability.  But, as for Elder Clayton, he is doing awesome and as you will see in the many pictures he has sent his smile is showing that nothing is getting him down.  I will include some in this email, but for all of them, check out his blog.  He is so great at sending them, for that I have to be grateful, because his emails are oh so short.  Enjoy...

hey family! This week was pretty sweet. On Wednesday we had a seventy of the area come and talk to us. We had two meetings with him and Elder Randall and I stayed with our Zone Leaders for the night. but the Seventy was awesome. He emphasized that the obra mission needs the help of the members and it was good. On Friday, we had Noche Mexicana. A ton of people showed up. More people than church....odd. haha. but it was fun. There was typical Mexican food and lots of coke! What a party. On Sunday we had talks and we talked about the obra misional and 50 people were there!! most people I have ever seen! it was good. Oh and also a hurricane is coming. so hide yo kids. lots of rain and its not here yet. streets are already flooded! other than that, same old same old. Love all of you! 

Elder Clayton
 Hurricane is on it's way, looks like it's already started.

 His Zone!
 Their Zone Activity for the day...bowling!  Man, he is so tan!
 He found someone with braces, and told me to make sure I sent this picture to Dr. Feller
 Cooking tortillas
 Downtown Monterrey
 Hey mom. will you tell fitts thank for dear elder and cindy too. thanks!
 This Elder served in Vegas with him.  He was excited to see his picture in the Stake Center.
 He loves this crazy Elder!
 Can't help but wonder what shoes he is wearing???
 He says he loves these "sick" Elders.

 His Zone, He's in the back, I'm certain you can spot his smile.
Someone asked me if he was I knew he was working on his mission with all the smiling pictures he sends.  I just said he's just such a happy kid, but I'm sure if you turned him around in this picture, he would have that same awesome smile on his face.  He's loving it there.  I'm sure he has his hard days, too.  He just doesn't dwell on them or let's us know of them.  And that's exactly what he was taught to do.  Forget himself and go to work.  Well down pal, you're doing exactly what you were told.  We couldn't be more proud.  Keep smiling Elder, keep smiling!!!

oh and look up the scriputure 3 nephi 18 verse 21. It's about family prayer and I use it all the time- love you

Elder Clayton

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  1. You crack me up. I wondered about the shoes too! We just love that boy of yours & are happy to write him :P